Will Trump Get His Labor Day Reset?

Rick Klein: “Welcome to the most important day of Donald Trump’s campaign, at least going back to his convention. Twenty-four hours from now, Trump will (presumably) have a revised and revamped immigration policy. He will also have made a foreign trip to visit the government he’s tangled most with publicly. He’s seeking to look and act presidential, to signal that he’s listening, trying, and evolving.”

“At least in theory, it’s a sort of real-time display of the management approach he’s looking to bring to the nation’s highest office. It all comes at a moment of vulnerability for Hillary Clinton – see those new poll numbers that show trust in her eroding – that she’s chosen to spend almost exclusively with donors. If Trump needs a reset race before Labor Day, he’s doing what he can to get it. The master of optics and television imagery is getting some potentially valuable takeaways from the last day of August.”

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