Who Thinks the System Is Rigged Now?

Rick Klein: “The Clinton campaign responded to the unusual letter from FBI Director James Comey by unloading on the messenger with an argument that carries troubling implications. The Clinton campaign is suggesting that political motivations were behind Comey’s move… Eric Holder and nearly 100 former Justice Department officials wrote a letter calling Comey out from their perspective.”

“Then there’s Harry Reid, unleashing the sort of campaign tactic he brought in 2012 when he said (falsely) on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes. The Senate minority leader wrote a letter to Comey saying he may have violated federal law with a ‘clear intent to aid one political party over another.’ Reid also did his best Roger Stone in writing that Comey is withholding ‘explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors and the Russian government.'”

“The Clinton camp may have had no choice this late than to go to war with Comey. But what shouldn’t be lost is this means the campaign of the Democratic nominee for president – the candidate who wasn’t complaining about a rigged election– is now asking voters to question whether the director of the FBI is trying to influence the election’s outcome.”

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