Tweets Add Intrigue to Trump Aide’s Resignation

“Twitter messages apparently posted by one of President-elect Donald Trump’s aides have added some intrigue to the sudden resignation of Jason Miller, Trump’s choice for communications director,” the Washington Post reports.

“A tweet from the account of A.J. Delgado, an adviser to Trump’s campaign and a member of the transition team, appeared Thursday with the message: ‘Congratulations to the baby-daddy on being named WH ­Comms Director!’ Delgado also appeared to call Miller ‘The 2016 version of John Edwards,’ a reference to the former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate who carried on an extramarital affair with his campaign videographer. Two other tweets called on Miller to resign — which he did.”

“Delgado deactivated her Twitter account Saturday and could not be reached for comment ­Sunday.”

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