Trump Crushes the Media at News Conference

Gabriel Sherman: “Judged on a policy basis, it was a disaster. Trump came across as just as unprepared and unfocused as he did during his shambolic campaign. He let his lawyer speak for nearly a quarter of the allotted time to explain why he wouldn’t be putting his company into a blind trust and instead would be turning it over to his sons Don Jr. and Eric. For visual effect, aides stacked manila folders on a table next to the lectern. Trump said they were filled with legal papers.”

“But observed as spectacle, Trump came away with a resounding victory. That’s because Trump won even before he stepped before the microphone, by making the media the story.”

ABC News: “Trump press conferences look like they’re going to be wild, if today’s events are any indication… Trump exchanges with the press appear unlikely to be dull affairs. They might also be extraordinarily combative, as with his repeated refusal to allow a CNN reporter to ask a question. This ride is going to be wild.”

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