Sessions Faces 2,000 Angry Voters at Town Hall

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) “faced a raucous town hall Saturday as he sought to defend the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, among other issues that have spawned fierce opposition under President Donald Trump,” the Texas Tribune reports.

“Addressing over 2,000 people, Sessions was frequently drowned out by boos and angry outbursts from the audience. Many of his answers were not entirely audible due to the crowd’s reaction as he began to speak.”

David Nather: “Sessions is about to run the Rules Committee meeting where they’ll make changes to the bill to win conservative Republican votes. Sessions isn’t wavering on Obamacare repeal and was never likely to be intimidated by the protests, but he did part ways with President Trump on the deep funding cuts Trump has proposed for the National Institutes of Health.”

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