Be Skeptical of a Health Care Deal

Playbook: “The following things are true: leaders of the House Freedom Caucus and the Tuesday Group have been talking and have produced a series of changes to the GOP health-care bill — (the one pager) … No one — especially the White House — has any idea if this will pass. The new legislation hasn’t been whipped by GOP leaders. And there isn’t a single person in the senior leadership of the White House who has passed a bill in Congress.”

“The GOP leadership in the House is skeptical of a vote next week. So are we. … Many members of the House Freedom Caucus are skeptical about this compromise. Some have advocated for a complete scrapping of Obamacare and have said they are a hard no for any bill that stops short of that.”

“But the urgency on health care is a White House-driven effort — and it’s annoying many senior House Republicans. Don’t expect Speaker Paul Ryan to put a health care bill on the floor unless he knows it will pass.”

The New York Times reports that Reince Priebus is feeling the pressure because he took the blame for the bill’s initial failure.

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