Trump’s Next 150 Days Won’t Be Much Better

Stan Collender: “The three major failures of Donald Trump’s first one hundred days in office set him up for even more spectacular failures in the next significant period of his presidency: the approximately 150 days between now and the start of fiscal 2018 on October 1.”

“This five-month time frame is when Trump will be expected to make good on the biggest promises he made during his campaign. These include large domestic spending cuts and military budget increases, a $1 trillion infrastructure program, tax changes (“reform” is no longer appropriate given the outline the White House released last week), Affordable Care Act repeal and replace and, of course, the wall.”

“This will be more of a mandatory requirement than just an opportunity for Trump. He promised his supporters rapid action on most of these plans and the next 150 days may well be his last chance to get something done this year.”

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