The Rot Inside America’s First Family

Edward Luce: “While Mr Trump is president, Washington is Bourbon city. For Mr Trump, no less than Louis XIV, it is ‘L’Etat, c’est moi’. The deeper the probes, the more the Trump family interests will infect every decision. The biggest distortion is in US-Russia relations.”

“No other western democracy operates like this. Until recently, the US did not either. It will only become more pronounced as the Russia investigations gather pace. As the crisis deepens, the family will circle the wagons. Those who are not inside the circle are doing what it takes to protect themselves.”

“If your goal is to disable the US government, now is the time to strike. Whether you are president of Russia, emir of some oil-rich kingdom or a nihilist working from the inside, Mr Trump offers an unparalleled opportunity. Trump is America and America is Trump. While he is president, the US republic is highly vulnerable.”

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