Is Sexism What Happened to Hillary?

Matt Bai: “Clinton can — and does — point to plenty of evidence to suggest that attitudes toward women skewed the election against her… According to data from Pew Research, Trump bested Clinton by 12 points among men, which was among the largest margins in the last 50 years. Among white voters without a college degree, Clinton lost by an astounding 39 points… And as Clinton herself notes, she also lost among white women, which at least complicates the gender argument.”

“The relevant issue isn’t really whether gender matters in politics or in the society generally (it clearly does), but rather whether it’s the thing that matters most… Gender, while always an added challenge, never defined Clinton’s candidacy. And on the list of challenges that made Clinton a less than ideal candidate — her age, her perceived entitlement, her family history of scandal, her limited skill as a persuader — the fact that she was a woman probably hovered somewhere near the bottom.”

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