The Rise and Fall of Gary Cohn’s Fed Dreams

Politico: “The former Goldman Sachs president, now Trump’s top economic adviser, was a front-runner for the Fed job until August, when he publicly broke with the president over his handling of fatal neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

“As recently as last month, the two still appeared at odds. Guests at a black-tie gala in Washington in mid-October honoring First Lady Melania Trump were treated to an awkward display between the two, as the president stared straight ahead and continued to make small talk with others while Cohn was trying talk to him, said an attendee.”

“Cohn is telling people he never really wanted the Fed job anyway. The Fed chairmanship, though immensely powerful, can be a dreary slog through endless meetings deciphering esoteric economic signals followed by tedious trips to the Hill to answer questions from grandstanding members of Congress.”

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