Tactics vs. Environment

First Read: “This feels like the most consequential off-year election we’ve seen since 1993, when Republicans Rudy Giuliani (in New York), Christine Todd Whitman (in New Jersey) and George Allen (in Virginia) all won, foreshadowing what would happen in the 1994 midterms the next year.”

“Every political strategist is watching tonight’s Virginia gubernatorial contest, which likely will come down to this question: What’s the more powerful force — the political environment (which looks rough for President Trump and the GOP) or campaign tactics (like Republican Ed Gillespie’s tough TV ads against Democrat Ralph Northam)?”

“Northam has tried to capitalize on the environment, especially given President Trump’s job rating in the 30s in the state… Gillespie, meanwhile, has run the more aggressive campaign – and he’s had to. Borrowing from the Trump playbook, Gillespie has hit Northam with TV ads on crime, illegal immigration and Virginia’s Civil War monuments. He’s even tied Northam to a child pornographer.”

For members: What to Watch in Virginia and New Jersey

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