Half End Up Paying More In Taxes

“Republicans are losing the public relations battle on their tax-cut bills. While a tax bill cleared the House last week, several Senate Republicans appear skeptical of their chamber’s version. And polls show that Americans are much more opposed to the GOP’s tax effort than supportive — a fact that has to be weighing on those same wavering Senate Republicans,” the Washington Post reports.

A new report from the bipartisan Tax Policy Center should make it even more difficult for senators to get to yes:

On average in 2027, taxes would rise modestly for the lowest-income group, change little for middle-income groups, and decrease for higher-income groups. Compared to current law, 9 percent of taxpayers would pay more in 2019, 12 percent in 2025, and 50 percent in 2027.

“It’s not difficult to see this winding up in just about every piece of Democratic pushback on the Senate GOP’s tax bill.”

Bloomberg: House tax bill is littered With loopholes for Wall Street’s wealthiest.

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