Democrats Suddenly Have a Shot at Senate Control

National Journal: “The practical implication of Jones’s stunner is that Democrats now have a plausible, if challenging, path to a Senate majority — a possibility that seemed impossible even in the most favorable circumstances several months ago. It would require Democrats to defend a roster of vulnerable red-state seats while ousting Dean Heller in swing-state Nevada and picking up an open seat in GOP-leaning Arizona.”

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball: “Democrats now have miraculously added a Senate seat that, truth be told, they have no business having, and it’s one they do not have to defend next year.”

Weekly Standard: “Jones’ win in Alabama changes this calculus. Democrats no longer have to look to Tennessee or Texas (both of which are very red) for their 51st vote in the Senate. They simply need to defend all of their seats while winning Nevada (a purple state) and Arizona (a state that should be in reach for them if Trump’s approval rating stays where it is today). This transforms Tennessee and Texas from states that Democrats must win to get the majority to optional gains that could either pad their majority or make up for potential incumbent losses.”

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