‘Long Before the News Hit the Front Burner’

It’s so nice to wake up to an email like this:

I’ve been a reader for YEARS, I think actually as far back as 2000 when the Florida debacle dragged me into politics kicking and screaming, though I don’t remember the exact date.  Now I’m back in DC regularly engaged with people who Do Policy® and often I’m telling them things they didn’t know or giving them perspectives they hadn’t explored because I saw it on Political Wire long before the news hit the front burner. This site is literally the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning, and I keep up with it constantly all day long via your invaluable RSS feed.  That feed keeps me up to the literal second on what’s happening in the political world.  I’ll see something on it, share it with my politicos on Facebook and suddenly Political Wire is directly influencing a policy debate and consensus among people who matter in DC.

Don’t change a thing.  And for god’s sake make sure your RSS feed lives forever!  You’re providing one hell of a service.

And this one too:

I love Political Wire. Worth every penny.

Political Wire only exists because of the tremendous support from readers.

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