‘The First and Most Important Site I Check Each Day’

This email really made my day:

I’m a Democratic political operative (both in the field and the last 10 years as partner in a consulting firm). I’ve read Political Wire pretty much every day since 2003 when I was a grad student. The consolidation of relevant political news stories along with your critical analysis each day makes Political Wire the first and most important site I check each day – often on my phone as soon as my alarm clock has done its job.

When you offered the subscription — that became the best $50 I’ve spent each year.  Thank you and keep up the good work.

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‘I Especially Appreciate the Deeper Analysis’

A reader emails to say she’ll be renewing her membership:

In other eras I have followed your curated political junkie website during campaigns. During the Obama era, I then drifted off and felt no impulse to pay ultra-close attention to the news.  That changed in 2015 when the campaigns were so crazy and compelling; I relied on your editorial voice and judgement to sift out the noise from actual news.

Once we elected the unthinkable — a boorish businessman surrounded by hucksters and cronies — I temper my always present anxiety with a goal of not being too media-obsessed. I read many other sites, but subscribing to Political Wire gives me a shortcut to assessing the significance of what’s happening.

I especially appreciate the deeper analysis pieces: insightful but not too long! They give me the freedom to move on and do something besides reading everything I can find. Thanks!

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‘Halfway Across the World’

Emails like this make my day:

I am delighted to renew my subscription to Political Wire. This is by far one of the best websites I visit, and I visit multiple times a day. It helps me sort out the grain from the chaff, and gives me context that is lacking almost everywhere else I look. I particularly want to express my gratitude for the incredible hours you have put in over this last year. We are living in epic times and your chronicling of it has been, well, epic. I live halfway across the world from you — 12 time zones to be precise — and therefore can see exactly when you start posting and when you end. Your dedication is truly inspirational. Thank you! Please keep it up.

And this one:

I have renewed and please don’t change a freaking thing about Political Wire. Love what you cover, love the layout, and thoroughly enjoy the member’s only analysis.

Thanks to everyone who supports Political Wire. I really appreciate it.

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‘Long Before the News Hit the Front Burner’

It’s so nice to wake up to an email like this:

I’ve been a reader for YEARS, I think actually as far back as 2000 when the Florida debacle dragged me into politics kicking and screaming, though I don’t remember the exact date.  Now I’m back in DC regularly engaged with people who Do Policy® and often I’m telling them things they didn’t know or giving them perspectives they hadn’t explored because I saw it on Political Wire long before the news hit the front burner. This site is literally the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning, and I keep up with it constantly all day long via your invaluable RSS feed.  That feed keeps me up to the literal second on what’s happening in the political world.  I’ll see something on it, share it with my politicos on Facebook and suddenly Political Wire is directly influencing a policy debate and consensus among people who matter in DC.

Don’t change a thing.  And for god’s sake make sure your RSS feed lives forever!  You’re providing one hell of a service.

And this one too:

I love Political Wire. Worth every penny.

Political Wire only exists because of the tremendous support from readers.

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‘Ahead of the News Cycle’

I just received a really nice email from a Dartmouth professor:

Three days ago I renewed my membership for the first time and was very happy to do so. Although I have not yet engaged in the comment section, I visit your site a number of times a day.

I think one part is underappreciated in your commentaries and your selections: they are often slightly ahead of the news cycle. You have a really good gut feeling for what’s in the air. So much so that I feel inspired to write OpEds after I read your posts (even though I’m an academic from a completely different field).

In this essay for the Los Angeles Review of Books from today, for example, I quoted your comments from last September about Trump shredding our norms. I hope you forgive me that I don’t give enough credit in my essay on justice for all to how much Political Wire has shaped my perspective. That Trump is symptom of a larger crisis is often your point as well.

And this one:

I’m so hooked. I check this website probably ten times a day. Thanks for doing such a great job.

If you’re not yet a member, please join for just $5 a month or $50 a year.

Thanks to everyone who supports Political Wire!

Christmas in Guatemala and Belize

I’ve been traveling in Guatemala and Belize with my family over the last week and discovered there are still places in the world with spotty Internet access. My apologies for the sporadic updates.

It was a fantastic trip. We biked through Guatemalan towns, hiked through the rain forest and ate great food. We saw the Mayan ruins at Tikal, explored a cave still filled with ancient artifacts, visited the Belize Zoo and snorkeled on the coral reefs of Placencia. Most importantly, I had a great time with my family.

After the last year of near constant political news, I really needed a break. Thanks for your patience.

‘I Couldn’t Be Happier to Renew’

It’s amazing how long some of you have been readers:

I couldn’t be happier to renew my membership. I’ve been an obsessive reader since 2004 (I was 14), and have probably visited your site at least 20 times a day every day since then. I count on Political Wire to keep me informed. What separates this site from so many others is context — you highlight the biggest stories of the day, like everyone else, but draw attention to the occurrences that actually matter instead of the day-to-day minutiae. Thank you for continuing to provide this service.

And this one:

Can’t live without Political Wire — have relied on you for many many years, and now I have kids who do. Keep up the great work.

Thanks to all of you who support Political Wire!

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‘Through the 2018 Cycle and Beyond’

I’m happy to say the fan mail keeps coming:

Longtime reader and member here. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I consider Political Wire to be literally an indispensable part of my life. It seems increasingly difficult to separate the important from the unimportant stories in today’s media environment — and to understand the real implications of things happening in Washington.

Whenever there’s news (and even when there’s not) I find myself refreshing Political Wire to make sense of it all.

And another one:

This subscription would be cheap at twice the price. I rely on Political Wire to satisfy my political junkie urges, and you always deliver.

Looking forward to hanging with you through the 2018 cycle, and beyond!

If you’re not yet a member, join for just $5 a month or $50 a year. Thank you for supporting the site!

‘You Have a Lifetime Subscriber In Me’

I just got this wonderful email from a reader:

Just a quick thank you, your site is my “go to” for political news, stats and laughs as I check it numerous times throughout  day! I teach an AP U.S. Government class and I’ve shared your site with my students and they love it as much as I do!

You have a lifetime subscriber in me, keep up the great work!!

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‘Worth Every Penny’

Another email from a reader that made my day:

I’ve appreciated the material you’ve assembled and curated for quite some time.  I visit your site every day, sometimes several times a day.  I decided today that I can no longer allow this to go unrecognized/unrewarded/uncompensated — I don’t know which term is most appropriate — so I’ve become a member.

Thanks, again, for your work on this resource.

And this one from a reader who just renewed his membership for another year:

Worth every penny and more! Keep it up.

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