More Happy Readers

This email made my night:

I’ve been a Political Wire subscriber since you added the feature. I remember seeing Chuck Todd tweet the day you launched it that it was well worth the $50 and I couldn’t agree more, even all these years later! I really have been enjoying the bonus posts model you’ve been using — and posts like this Trump one — smart analysis with good data points that I haven’t seen anywhere else are a big part of the reason why.

I’ve worked in politics for almost 10 years and your site is consistently the one I turn to multiple times a day. Thank you!

And this one too:

I want to join the chorus of appreciative members and say that I am proud to support an intelligent source for understanding national politics.  The way stories appear on the front page reminds me of the tapestry of meaning woven in George Packer’s The Unwinding – the sum is far greater than the parts.

Thanks again, and keep weaving that tapestry of the unwinding.

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More Reasons to Join

Let me share a few recent emails from happy readers:

I wanted to say what a great job you do with Political Wire. I’m a member and a very, very satisfied one at that. I was one of the early members and am on auto-renewal with your site. Political Wire is one of two political sites that I visit regularly i.e. everyday and multiple times a day too.

Here’s another one:

I am a political junkie and I mainline your site (to keep the metaphor going). I check several sites throughout the day but yours is always first. I’m not saying you can’t go on vacation but I do notice… Thanks for helping a lot of us get through this scary time.

And one more:

I just wanted to convey a brief message regarding the value I place on your service.  I became a subscriber in January 2017 having waded through the advertising based pages for a few years.  Moving to the subscription based service has made your site even stronger as your pages are simple, clean and free of clutter, pop-ups, annoying videos that simply start on their own and other gimmicks that seem to be taking over other sites.

I find myself coming back to your site multiple times in a day (perhaps too many as I may be addicted).  I also enjoy the members-only articles and reading the comments other viewers make.

If you find yourself coming back to Political Wire, please consider becoming a member. You’ll help support the site and also get many exclusive benefits.

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More Satisfied Readers

This email made my weekend:

I am a subscriber and I honestly can’t think of a better use of my money. I check your site multiple times a day and you never disappoint. Plus, with the rapid-fire, unprecedented events of late, you have been on fire! Never better! Great work, and thanks.

So did this one:

Just a quick note to say how happy I am since I became a member — I believe in October 2016.  Two reasons: Perhaps in part due to my Catholic upbringing, I am prone to feeling guilty. And it is a very good thing to no longer feel the guilt that comes from regularly visiting a site that I respect and value, but have failed to support. More importantly, it is a pleasure to feel like I am contributing to journalism and commentary that I value so much, at a time when it is so vitally important. I frankly feel as proud of that support as I do of my activism. Oh, and a third reason. The members-only content is great. I will happily renew my membership this fall.

To everyone who is supporting Political Wire through your membership, thank you! The site would not exist without you.

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Why a Membership Model? – Part 6

I’ve explained several times why I moved Political Wire to a membership model but the basic reason is that the digital ad market has collapsed.

Here’s more proof from the Wall Street Journal:

Procter & Gamble said that its move to cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend in the June quarter had little impact on its business, proving that those digital ads were largely ineffective.

News publishers just can’t rely on advertising anymore. It doesn’t work for advertisers and it creates a terrible experience for readers.

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‘I’m Glad I Subscribed’

Another happy Political Wire reader emails:

I debated between the New York Times, Washington Post, and your service. I chose your site, and I really appreciate the quality of your work. I look at posts 3 or 4 times a day. Thank you, and please keep up the informative work.

Thanks to everyone who supports Political Wire!

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Have You Joined?

From another happy reader:

I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of months now and am really glad I did.  The two things I like best about Political Wire are the wide, wide research you do in covering politics and the concise interpretive pieces.  I have followed many of your links to sources I would never have read or would have skimmed and missed info.  I get up in the morning, Pacific time, and read Political Wire first and then the other sites I read daily.  I often check PW during the day.

Thank you for the work you do.  You must keep long hours and work over the weekends.

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Another Satisfied Political Wire Reader

I just got this very nice email:

The money I spent on a Political Wire subscription was the best investment I’ve made this year.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something reading PW.

Thank you for the hard work you put into a great website.

The support from readers is what makes Political Wire possible. Thanks to all of you!

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Why People Pay for News

An AP/NORC poll finds 53% of Americans pay for news, including subscribing to newspapers or magazines, paying for news apps, or donating to public media.

“While there are a host of reasons people subscribe, the No. 1 cited (by more than 4 in 10 subscribers) was that the publication they pay for excels at covering certain topics about which they particularly care. More than 4 in 10 also cite the fact that friends and family subscribe to the same product.”

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Why a Membership Model? – Part 5

In these trying times, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg says advertisers have to step up to support the news media:

So, yeah, America’s Advertisers, I’m talking about democracy, and your role in it. News flash: You have one. Let me explain.

We are still very much in the midst of a fascinating, often exciting but sometimes scary digital transformation in which advertising dollars are moving to Google and Facebook in a hurry.

But as those dollars are moving toward Google and Facebook, they are often moving away from quality news and information providers, starving them of the direct digital revenue they need to pay for fact-based news gathering. Real news costs real money; fake news comes cheap.

However well-intentioned an idea, it will never happen. The reason advertisers are moving to Google and Facebook — and away from news sites — is that it just works better.

The digital news media needs a better business model. Pleading with advertisers to support news — against their own financial interests — is just not a viable long term strategy.

The membership model works much better. Publishers are directly accountable to their readers. That’s it.

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