White House Says Trump Would Know About Collusion

“If special counsel Robert Mueller one day proves that someone on the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a top White House spokesman may live to regret what he said Sunday,” the Washington Post reports.

Said Raj Shah: “There’s been zero evidence, after a year of investigation, that we’ve seen of actual collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. The president, who would be aware of any types of efforts, has been pretty clear, understands and knows that there is no collusion. And so, as he has said, this investigation is everything from a hoax to a witch hunt. It’s not going to find any evidence of collusion.”

“Okay, but what if it does? Shah has just ruled out the idea that someone else could have colluded with Russia without Trump’s knowledge. If we find out one day that someone within the campaign did collude, Shah’s remarks suggest that Trump had to have known about it. There’s no other way to read them.”

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