When Donald Trump Met Stormy Daniels

GQ pieces together “the whole weird, sleazy weekend” when Donald Trump met Stormy Daniels at a celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe and reportedly began an affair.

“Of course, Trump’s Tahoe trip haunts him in other ways. Another porn star he supposedly met there came forward with allegations in 2016 that Trump kissed her and two friends without permission that weekend. And another woman still—a Playboy model named Karen McDougal—reportedly admitted to a secret tryst with Trump while in Tahoe that weekend. On Tuesday, McDougal, who had signed a secrecy agreement, lodged a lawsuit of her own, suing for the right to share her story of the alleged affair (Trump has denied the relationship).”

“It’s fair to wonder how a single long-forgotten weekend could, all these years later, cause so much trouble. It’s also reasonable to wonder just what the hell was going on in Tahoe across those four misbegotten days.”

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