McCain Not a Hero to Trump Supporters

First Read: “A focus group of six Trump voters and six Clinton voters outside of Milwaukee on Tuesday night laid bare the deep rifts between Trump’s backers and his detractors with his voters steadfastly repeating the president’s claims that the investigation is a political ‘witch hunt.'”

“Perhaps the most vivid illustration of Trump’s impact on partisanship, though, came not in the discussion about Mueller but in a routine word-association exercise. Asked to think of a single word or phrase to describe Arizona Sen. John McCain, who is currently gravely ill with cancer, the group’s Clinton voters called the onetime POW ‘strong’ and ‘a hero.’ But those who most vociferously supported Trump, who has famously clashed with McCain, referred to the 2008 GOP presidential nominee as ‘petty,’ ‘old,’ ‘a turncoat.'”

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