The Events that Set Off Rand Paul’s Neighbor

Roll Call has new details of what Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) did to provoke his neighbor to attack him last year.

“In September 2017 the junior GOP senator from Kentucky stacked a 10-foot-wide mound of branches near the line separating his property… Boucher found the pile of tree limbs and other flotsam ‘unsightly’… In October, Boucher had the branches loaded into portable dumpsters and carried off. But then, other piles appeared — two of them.”

“Boucher poured gasoline on the woodpiles and incinerated them, giving himself second-degree burns in the process.”

“The next day, the senator blew leaves into Boucher’s yard with his lawnmower. He made another branch pile in the same spot as the previous ones. Boucher had had enough.”

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