Kathleen Kane

Kane Sentenced to Prison

Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) “was sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail for orchestrating an illegal news leak to damage a political enemy, capping a spectacular downfall for a woman who three years ago was seen as one of the state’s fastest-rising stars,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“Her downfall began when she leaked confidential grand jury material two years ago to a newspaper in a bid to embarrass a political enemy, and then lied about her actions under oath. After a trial in August, a jury found her guilty of perjury, obstruction and other charges.”

Pennsylvania Will Try to Impeach Attorney General

“The Pennsylvania House voted overwhelmingly to begin impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D), who survived a separate attempt by Senate Republicans to oust her using an arcane constitutional procedure not invoked here since 1891,” the New York Times reports.

“The back-to-back votes were the latest turn in an intriguing drama involving Ms. Kane, who has publicized lewd and bigoted emails sent by some of the most powerful figures in Pennsylvania — only to find herself facing perjury charges, with her law license suspended by the State Supreme Court.”

Kane Intends to Run Again in Pennsylvania

“She is facing a criminal trial, the Senate might yank her out of office, her poll numbers are sinking, rivals in her own party are lining up for her job, and the husband who bankrolled her last campaign is no longer in the picture,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“Despite all that, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) intends to seek a second term.”

Criminal Charges Recommended Against Pennsylvania Attorney General

The special prosecutor and grand jury investigating allegations that Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) “leaked secret information to a newspaper have found evidence of wrongdoing and recommended that she be criminally charged,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“The panel concluded that Kane violated grand-jury secrecy rules by leaking investigative material in a bid to embarrass political enemies… Some of those familiar with the grand jury presentment say it recommended charges that included perjury and contempt of court.”