Seth Klarman

Big GOP Donor Now Backing Democrats

“Boston hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman lavished more than $7 million on Republican candidates and political committees during the Obama administration, using his fortune to help underwrite a GOP takeover of the federal government,” the Boston Globe reports.

“But the rise of Donald Trump shocked and dismayed Klarman, as did the timid response from the Republican-controlled House and Senate, which have acquiesced rather than challenge the president’s erratic and divisive ways. So, in an astonishing flip, Klarman, at one point New England’s most generous donor to Republicans, is taking his money elsewhere: He’s heaping cash on Democrats.”

Another Big GOP Donor Will Work for Clinton

GOP megadonor Seth Klarman told Reuters that he would work to get Hillary Clinton elected president because he finds recent comments by Donald Trump “shockingly unacceptable.”

Said Klarman: “His words and actions over the last several days are so shockingly unacceptable in our diverse and democratic society that it is simply unthinkable that Donald Trump could become our president.”

He added: “He is completely unqualified for the highest office in the land.”