Christie’s Numbers Improve at Home

While New Jersey Gov. Chris Christe (R) has been getting an
enormous amount of national attention around his will-he-won’t-he-run
presidential prospects, a new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey
shows Christie’s approval numbers bouncing back in his home
state. Christie has a 54% approval and 36% disapproval among registered
voters in New Jersey, a significant improvement over his numbers in May,
when the fierce spring budget fight brought his numbers as low as 44%
approving and the same percentage disapproving.

The Hotline:
“The new poll, ironically, counters one of the main arguments for
Christie to enter the White House race: If he’s not going to win
reelection in 2013, why not take a shot nationally in 2012, the argument
goes. But if the boost in his numbers is a lasting one, and Christie is
seriously interested in reelection, there is less incentive to opt for
higher office this early in his tenure.”

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