Tony Blair Defends His Advisory Work

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair defended his government advisory work to Vanity Fair saying maintaining that “it’s not as lucrative as people think, and describing it not as work for hire but as work that can change the character of countries.”

Said Blair: “I’m a private individual, I’m not a government department! One of the things people are going to have to get used to is: you are going to get leaders leaving office in their early 50s. I have a lot of energy. I feel extremely fit. There’s no way I’m going to retire and play golf. You look at someone like Henry [Kissinger]. He’s 91 and he’s still going strong. I love that. Or Shimon Peres! These are my role models.”

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  • montag

    Henry Kissinger and Shimon Peres are Tony Blair’s role models? That speaks volumes about what sort of man Blair really is.

    • richo123

      Yep. From the long tradition of British Labour turncoats.

  • Official Teabagger

    Henry Kissinger, still going strong? Looks more like he’s “let himself go.”

  • elizh

    What he has got to explain is, what results does he get from advising dictators and other unsavories? Is he an improver, or just an enabler?

  • embo66

    More bull from the master.

    From what I understand, Tony Blair isn’t some “statesman” working tirelessly after retirement from public service for a noble cause or crusade (cf. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, etc.). Tony Blair is using his connections and faux “diplomacy cred” to engineer lucrative deals between multinationals and their governments, while taking a hefty slice for himself.