• growe

    Smart move, if Romney leads you 3:1 in polls, better get the lead out. This is fun!

    Jebbo hasn’t had the national media in his face, here comes his testing time. Sixty chances to say stupid things, 60 chances for an innocent looking waiter or bartender to snap video of Jebbo telling the John Birch moneybags what they want to hear.

    Can you IMAGINE after Romney 47% disaster, they might be strip searching and bunghole poking every servant they allow near the candidates now!!

  • growe

    And Jebbo is a Republican. Republicans can only run a negative campaign.
    So what can Kathy Harris’ boyfriend say that motivates fundraisers?

    Obama hasn’t screwed an intern, he can’t do his brother’s ‘return honor to the White House’ spiel. The stock market is surging faster than it has under any Republican since Reagan in 1985; he can’t promise fundraisers that he’ll raise their returns….

  • growe

    Now I just hope Jeb is making his debutante debut to natural GOP groups:
    * the pro-School Massacre anti-gun control zealots of the NRA
    * the National Coat Hanger Manufacturers’ Association (to end Roe v Wade)
    * the Jesus-lied, Screw-the-poor losers of “Amurkins fer Tax FREE-dumb” types

  • oldhandatthis

    Bush met with lobbyist and Republican fundraisers and let them know there would be a series of 60 fund raising events across the country. I would feel better if a presidential candidate showed more interest in average Americans instead of big money special interests.

  • Chris Leatherman

    Fundraisers? I think they would be more accurately described as his constituency.