Grassley Ramps Up Re-Election Bid

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) “doesn’t plan to be caught flat-footed if he faces a competitive, expensive re-election battle in 2016,” Roll Call reports.

Said Grassley: “I suppose early on, you spend your time on funding the campaign more than on organization, probably working very closely with the NRSC, more so than I have in the past because of the sophistication of campaigning now and the massive amount of money you have to raise compared to what you used to have to have. The days of cheap campaigns are over.”

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  • Cedric

    This sucks. The IA Senate seat would be a major target if Grassley would have retired…not so much with him running again. Iowa is also one of the true swing states that I am worried about. It swung pretty hard right in 2014 and is normally a fairly close contest presidentially.

    • Mike Frerkes

      It didn’t swing. Democrats in Iowa, like most everywhere else, stayed home. Braley ran an awful campaign against Ernst, and his House seat fell into the GOP’s lap as a result. As much as I’d like to blame Iowa for what happened in 2014, it was mostly attributable to Braley’s “playing-not-to-lose” mentality which cost the Dems that race.

      • LarryMcD

        Exactly the mistake Lundergan–Grimes and a number of other Democratic candidates made last year. Hedging your bets is no way to win a challenging campaign.

  • guest4455

    Grassley is an extremist. This is what happens when democrats don’t come up to a vote, we get extremists like chuck grassley elected in a purple state.

    • jpic

      Farmer John will win again. Count on it. And Ernst will stay there until she dies.

  • Mike Frerkes

    It’s bad enough Iowa just sent Sarah Palin 2.0 to the Senate. Now, Strom Thurmond 2.0 wants another six years!

    • LarryMcD

      I hesitate to grouse about his age when DiFi is running again and she’s older than Grassley, smarter but still older.

      • taikan

        Interesting that you read his comment as being related to Grassley’s age. I read it as a comment on Grassley’s political views.

      • dmhlt_66

        Maybe you can help us all out, and point to exactly where “age” was mentioned in that comment.

  • ne2indy

    Maybe this explains why Grassley is going after nonprofit hospitals for garnishing poor people’s wages. It gives him something to campaign on.

    • Grassley has been critical of non profits for years. He has had a couple hearings on how Religious Institutions have abused non profit guidelines. However, he does the Dick Lugar method of trying to be his own person, but then voting whatever Mitch McConnell states is the partyline vote.

      He was awful, absolutely horrid during the ACA fight. He is also a complete idiot.

      • embo66

        He wasn’t any better during the whole immigration reform debate, either. Grassley was one of the key GOP holdouts for tripled H1B visas, the $30 BILLION for border security, etc. — and then the asshole reneged on his promise and didn’t even vote for the final bill containing these things!

        • He did the same thing on the ACA.. He is an idiot, and I really try to not to use that word much. He is incredibly obnoxious…

      • 66kicks

        Interestingly enough Grassley was heard on NPR this morning talking about these hospitals either breaking or finding a loophole in the Affordable Care Law, and the way he said it sounded more like someone who wanted to fix a problem with a done deal law of the land rather than just repeal the whole thing.

        • Grassley would repeal ACA if he had the chance.. He was a big peddler of the whole “death panels” idiocy. Grassley also did the whole negotiate with the Senate Democrats on the ACA, like having the whole Congress, elected officials and staff be part of it, and of course voted against the ACA after allegedly negotiatng in good faith.