Kitzhaber Tried To Shut Down Corruption Inquiry

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) “declared at a press conference Jan. 30 that he and fiancée Cylvia Hayes would fully cooperate with a review of corruption allegations by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission,” the Oregonian reports.

“He didn’t mention that, behind the scenes, their attorneys had been fighting for weeks to spare Hayes from any ethics inquiry.”

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  • Buford2k11

    that is one way to try to hide…who else shut down investigations into corruption? I suppose that is the first step in trying to avoid prosecution…Duh…

  • alrudder

    This looks like simply having active defense attorneys. What I read here doesn’t bother me.

  • rssrai

    The same could be said of Christie in NJ. His lawyers have been fighting investigations for over a year now, and in fact Christie picked his own firm to do an investigation on himself.

  • If there is corruption. Kitzhaber has the Oregon Government Ethics Commission as the least of his worries. The FBI, the DOJ’s Public Integrity Division will swoop down on Salem before any of Kitzhaber and Hayes’s attorney know what hit them..

    Hayes is in serious legal jeopardy, unless the money she received from the Washington think tank was filed with her business tax filings, rather than her income tax filings. If she didn’t file any of the money, she is going to face misdemeanor charges.

    I think Kitzhaber’s big problem is the Bhutan Trip he tooked with Hayes. Everything else, blame Cylvia and kick her to the curb, (unlikely for now, but he probably needs to, given he is also in legal jeopardy)

  • LarryMcD

    Fortunately, Oregon’s governor doesn’t have the power New York’s does or I’m sure he’ just dissolve the Ethics Commission as well.