Lawmaker Arrested in Sex-for-Rent Scheme

Vermont state Sen. Norman McAllister (R) “has pleaded not guilty to three felony counts of sexual assault and three misdemeanors of prohibited acts, the charges arising from what police describe as a sex-for-rent scheme involving several unwilling tenants,” the Burlington Free Press reports.

Prosecutors allege McAllister, “over a period of several years sexually assaulted two women who were his tenants and employees, and that he attempted to solicit a third woman… The allegations, explained in sometimes graphic detail in court papers, shocked the governor and McAllister’s Statehouse colleagues, several of whom witnessed his arrest outside the Capitol on Thursday evening.”

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  • Buford2k11

    Hehehe, Family Values, hehehehe….not funny, but is on a level of the absurd…the gop don’t much follow their preachin’…

  • saila

    Dozens of TV Shows Cancelled as Networks Clean House and


    If he wasn’t a Vermont State Senator, maybe some of those women would have happily paid their rent. Something tells me he must have met the “right” tenant a long time ago.

  • terjeanderson

    This guy represents my county in the Senate.

    The details of the allegations are even more revolting. The women involved were extremely vulnerable – economically and socially marginal, poorly educated, living on the edges of poverty and survival.

    It involved a very run down mobile home on a farm the McAllister owns, and forcing women who were months behind on their rent to have sex to avoid eviction (in one case, forcing a mother to have sex to keep her adult son from being evicted) . Two of the women were mother/ daughter. In one case, the woman was desperately trying to get her children back from state custody – so he was able to use the threat that she would have no chance of doing that if she were homeless to force her into sex.

    In another case, an unskilled young farm laborer was told that if she wanted to have/keep her job, she had to have sex with him. And he evidently tried to get one or more of the women to agree to prostitute herself by having sex with migrant farm workers on a farm McAllister and/or his friends owned.

    The guy appears to be a real piece of work — media are digging up accounts of extremely piggy behaviour on the Senator’s part (for example, sexually harassing a young female state legislator). He is an enthusiastic backer of legislation aimed at poor people (for example, chief sponsor of a failed attempt to implement mandatory drug testing for anyone receiving public benefits).

    In a small rural area like this, everyone knows everyone – there are lots and lots of stories/ rumors flying all over about other incidents and other possible charges.

    The legislators in Montpelier are in complete shock about this, as is the public at large. It is the leading story on the local broadcast and print media, and everyone is talking about it. In the small world of Vermont politics, having a State Senator arrested on the State House grounds in the midst of the legislative session is astonishing. The fact that it is for horrific allegations of sexual exploitation and violence (as opposed to a white collar crime) is truly unprecedented here.

    • easton

      I guess even in ultra liberal Vermont you have cavemen troll Republican districts. If everyone knows everyone though, how could he have gotten away with it at all? Or is it a case of everyone knowing everyone but not knowing what was going on behind closed doors?

      • terjeanderson

        It is one of the two or three conservative leaning State Senate districts in Vermont. It still voted for Obama (by a slightly smaller margin than the state as a whole), but on a local level it sometimes narrowly supports candidates like this — a rural county where guns, community ties, farming identity and distrust of state mandates (environmental, taxes) and cultural conservatism provide a voting base that sometimes allows a Republican to win an office like this.

        I don’t know anyone who knew this particular ugliness was going on. But the rumors that McAllister was a creepy guy around women were circulating below the surface — simply no evidence for them to come out into the open.

        And everyone knew about his connections to hiring undocumented dairy farm workers (and the bad conditions they live in) – but that is an accepted part of the dairy industry in VT, so there is very much a don’t ask don’t tell attitude to that.

        I wouldn’t describe Franklin County as “caveman troll Republican”….We voted 60% to 37% for Obama over Romney. It is a very rural farm district, heavy on French Canadian and Irish Catholics (which used to make it one of the most Democratic counties in the state – but has now drifted right on cultural issues).

        • easton

          And everyone knew about his connections to hiring undocumented dairy
          farm workers (and the bad conditions they live in) – but that is an
          accepted part of the dairy industry in VT, so there is very much a don’t
          ask don’t tell attitude to that.
          That is probably the worst aspect of this. For that alone he should go to jail. I lived right by el tren de la muerte and I know of young migrants who fell off and lost limbs or even their lives and then to face unscrupulous and greedy bastards like that guy… and on top of that preying on them sexually.
          On this issue alone I really loathe Republicans.

          • vtbikerider

            Not sure if it’s just a Republican issue. One of my state senators, Bill Doyle, is a Republican and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to call him “beloved.” The man’s close to 90 and I’ve seen him out and about at virtually every public event imaginable. Sure, sometimes he falls asleep, but he’s there. He also calls his constituents personally. All I’ve had to hear is “Paul, this is Bill…” and I know who’s on the other end. He’s one of the most courteous and dedicated pol’s I’ve ever known. I think McCallister is just a pig without the political affiliation. He doesn’t need the (R) after his name to be what he allegedly is.

          • easton

            there are plenty of individual Republicans who are fine people, the immigration bill passed the Senate with 68 votes (or something) but the bill died in the House, the base of the party is pretty much nuts when it comes to immigration. They exploit illegals while demonizing them.

      • AliciaSBlank

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  • Matt Drabek

    Uh, sex for rent is one thing. But if it’s coerced or unwilling, that’s rape/sexual assault, not “sex for rent.”

    • politicsjunkie

      Yes, this is sexual assault or rape no doubt.

  • YvonneofNC

    Wait. There are elected republicans in Vermont????


  • RMAN56

    Great finish to a really drab 2 days in Chicago. Really great finish.