Mark Cuban Says Donald Trump is Best Thing for Politics

Billionaire Mark Cuban told Business Insider that Donald Trump is “probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time.”

Said Cuban: “I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.”

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  • TexasLou

    Not sure I agree on it being the “best” thing, but I agree 100% that speaking honestly is important.

    For years, my biggest complaint about the BaggerNutJobs has been that they prevent an honest debate because they cloak their true feelings/beliefs.

    One of things I appreciate about Trump (and apparently the GOP base feels the same way) is that he says what’s on his mind.

    I think what he says is mostly offensive and utter horse shit, but at least there’s no hidden dog whistles or deceptive doubletalk.

    • Mike Frerkes

      Trump is still employing a dog whistle approach, but it’s at a frequency much closer to the KKK’s native spectrum than the RNC would like. He isn’t using flat-out epithets to demonize people. However, he has shattered the “quasi-political correctness” mold that many politicians in the GOP still use to conveniently obscure their bigoted rhetoric.

      Obama’s presidency has made it fashionable again for angry white males to wear racism on their sleeve. While Trump isn’t fully embracing that approach, he has signaled to the Birchers that he feels their pain and isn’t afraid to echo their core sentiments. Trump’s real allure is that when cornered by the national media for making such comments, he doubles down on them. That’s what really sets him apart from the mainstream conservatives, who typically would issue a tepid apology for outrageous statements.

      • GatorLegal1

        I mostly agree, though I think most angry white males wear their racism up their sleeve, rather than full display on it. They usually only unroll the sleeve when they are surrounded by like-minded company. Trump just says whatever he wants whenever he wants – endearing him to the base but making him wholly unfit to lead this country because mindful behavior is more important than ever from our leaders.

    • MC Planck

      I would agree, except you’re giving him too much credit. He says whatever is on his mind at the time. This isn’t refreshing honesty; it’s simply unfiltered bullshit. and just like your crazy uncle that welshes on that $100 bet when he discovers the moon actually does cause tides, Trump will freely walk back anything he says the minute it becomes the slightest roadbump to getting what he wants.

    • Zolicon

      If one cannot speak the truth when talking one should not say anything at all.

  • Wynstone

    Trump may feel he’s being honest, but many things he says are flatly inaccurate. We should not forget that.

    • GatorLegal1

      Exactly. Just because someone says “what’s on their mind” (or “on the tip of their tongue”, whatever they feel like saying, without any filter) doesn’t mean it’s correct, factual, accurate, reasonable, considerate, compassionate, prudent, etc.. A President needs to be all or most of these qualities to the best of their ability all of the time.

      The problem we’ve had since January 2009 is that no matter what Obama says or does, the GOP either doesn’t, doesn’t want to, can’t, or won’t believe he has the best interests of the people in mind because they are so hell-bent against the *idea* of him being President. And they’ve had to mask that as much as possible over the past 6.5 years to avoid looking like complete jackasses. Now here comes Trump and he doesn’t care if he sounds like a jackass or not; he is incredibly confident no matter what he says. The right wingers love it.

      • DKDC

        Well if speaking whatever is on your mind is the best thing to happen to politics (according to Cuban), then why not elect Howard Stern or Louis C.K.? Those guys will say all kinds of outrageous stuff.

      • MC Planck

        And because it is not factual or considered, Trump will feel no compunction about changing his mind at any instant – to any other position.

        Trump is just one drunken argument away from endorsing 911 trutherism, the moon hoax, or death camps. Whatever seems to get him what he wants at that instant, without regard for the future. I would say like a child, but my 5-year-old has already outgrown that stage.

    • Jester A. Arthur

      But facts have a liberal bias, only The Truth™ is Republican!

      • Wynstone

        Many racist remarks I’ve heard have been followed by “you know it’s true.”

    • jpic

      And he speaks in typical generalities what he would do like every other Repub.

  • ryp

    One rich asshole is impressed by another, now that’s a surprise.

  • njguy54

    Cuban is right that honesty is a good thing in politics, and something that’s (always been) sorely lacking. However, we have to understand that “honesty” isn’t carte blanche to blurt out any stupid and ignorant thing that pops into one’s head. Once we do that, we’ll have made real progress.

  • littlejohn

    Just because Trump says “what’s on his mind” doesn’t make Trump’s statements truthful.

  • Pirini Scleroso

    Wow. For a supremely wealthy man…he isn’t very bright….

    • growe

      What makes a person smart in business doesn’t transfer over to every area of life. See Ben Carson: brilliant neurosurgeon, admirably skilled. Does not mean he is a better driver, nicer person, or qualified for President.

  • jaydino

    I agree with him on this, that Trump may be the single catalyst that actually brings people out in droves to vote in this next election. People who never pay attention to politics may actually be tuning in because of Trump….or not.

  • wolfman

    Some people swear that Exlax is the best thing for a bowel movement.

  • Ron Paul wasn’t very stilted or scripted either. I do agree that most politicians are very sensitive to poll-tested responses. It all seems quite canned. What would be refreshing though is someone who is honest, off the cuff, and also not a moron.

    • montag

      Sorry, Golbez. You aren’t likely to find such a person in America.

      • They exist. But I agree it ain’t easy.

    • Larry McD

      Have you heard of Bernie Sanders? Or Elizabeth Warren?

      • I have. I like these people. If there were only 3 politicians in America, and they were two of them, I would retract my “most” remark.

        • Larry McD

          I thought as much. What I was responding to specifically was this quote: “What would be refreshing though is someone who is honest, off the cuff, and also not a moron.” Just wanted to nudge you…

    • GatorLegal1

      “What would be refreshing though is someone who is honest, off the cuff, and also not a moron.”

      Like Obama, and even moreso, Joe Biden. Which is why I really like them both. 🙂

      • Biden is great at this. Obama’s close, but you can tell Obama is playing the game too. There are things he freely said as a senator that he’s reversed himself on since becoming president, either more aware of the optics, politics, or something that has prevented him from being guarded. Like using the word “genocide” to describe what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians.

        • DKDC

          Also he walked back the quote about people clinging to their guns and bibles. I’m pretty sure that’s how he feels.

          • GatorLegal1

            Didn’t hurt him any either. He still cleaned McCain’s clock in 2008 !

    • MC Planck

      By definition, non-morons don’t speak their mind without regard to the consequences.

  • Whatever you think of Trump, just compare what he says to those scripted pinheads Jindal (Plyush Amrit), Huckabee (the worst) or that insufferable Fiorina (with her vewwy own jet pwane), and you’ll see Cuban’s right.

    • growe

      Well yeah I agree with that, but comparing Trump to the shambling mounds of negativity and uselessness around him makes Trump look better, but doesn’t mean Trump’s antics are a good thing in general, or that such a person being elected would be good news at all.

      • MC Planck

        Except – and here is the huge – sorry I mean YUUUUGE – irony: Trump’s politics are actually better than the rest of the Republicans.

        This is a man who likes Social Security and unions. He’s undoubtedly pro-choice (I don’t even know if anyone has asked that). For dog’s sake he donated to & palled around with the Clintons. Has he ever said that God told him to run? Yes he is a RWNG, but based on history he simply isn’t that RW. The fact that the RW loves him is simply because they want to be him: rich enough to do or say whatever they want. As for policy, they only care about one thing: white male supremacy. And you can dig up as much liberalism in Donald’s history as you want, but they don’t care, because he is and always has been unabashedly a white male.

        Us liberals, on the other hand, should care: of all the nutters running, Trump is (like Rmoney) the least harmful choice.

      • He ain’t gonna be elected.

  • growe

    I’d say it differently. People always want “straight talkers” but here is Donald to remind us that effective leaders like Obama and Hillary can actually control their mouth and think before speaking. I don’t want people having nuclear codes and talking to allies if they have the self-censor skills of a frat boy high as a kite.

  • growe

    Just for clarity, toddlers “always say what’s on their mind” because they are not smart or self aware enough to keep dumb or offensive stuff inside their little heads.

  • Larry McD

    The idea that Trump has a mind to speak is as startling as it is inaccurate.

  • fgtayl01

    So says President Mark Cuban.
    (a Sharknado 3 reference. Spoiler alert: Ann Coulter was the VP.).

    • GatorLegal1

      Cuban and Coulter? Barf !!

      Which reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, Spaceballs:

      Princess Vespa: What’s your name?
      Barfolomew: Barf !
      Dot Matrix: Not in here mister, this is a Mercedes!
      Barfolomew: No, that’s my name – Barfolomew!

  • eve

    Cuban is proving that smart people can be really dumb some days.

    Trump is not being honest. He is saying whatever he thinks will keep him front and center and will hook the anger of his target audience.

    Saying what he really thinks? He may be saying some things he really thinks. But I can guarantee he is not being honest about what all he thinks. If he was he’d have a lot of stuff to say about his target audience that they would not like at all.

  • CB123

    My estimation of Cuban just dropped significantly, but I’m sad to say that he isn’t the only American who holds the idiotic view that positions on the issues — that is to say, what you’re actually going to do if elected — don’t matter, so long as you speak your mind truthfully. George W. Bush won reelection by repeating over and over again that “You may not agree with me, but you’ll always know where I stand.” And 60 million Americans were stupid enough to buy that line.

    The overarching reason to vote for or against a candidate is because of his/her positions on the issues. To say that “where he stands on the positions is irrelevant” is sort of like saying “Well, I have no idea if this medicine will actually cure my disease, do nothing for it, or make it worse — hell, it might even kill me for all I know! But damn, it sure tastes good, so I’ll buy a four-year supply.”

  • Red Phillips

    That’s BARF. Candor doth not a leader make. All manner of charlatans and purported “straight-talkers” use that trick to bamboozle and beguile a populace whose minds are for whatever reason ill-equipped to keep up with a rapidly changing world. A true and real example was Joe McCarthy, who presented himself as an “honest” man who “gave honest rather than prepared answers”. I would’ve expected better from Cuban. Talk about “The inverse stopped clock”.

  • allinx

    Said Cuban: “I don’t care what his actual positions are. I don’t care if he says the wrong thing.”
    and “He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers”.
    Lordy Mercy! All bold, ?honest? asshholes, please run, we need you.


  • jf

    Mark, your membership in the “Know-Nothing” Party is about to expire. Be sure to renew!

  • RadicalCentrist

    I keep hearing from people, even those who can’t stand Trump, that “He is speaking his mind honestly.” But I see no evidence that is true. He flat out lied about the President’s birth certificate. Not only do I think he never believed the President was born in Kenya (which I can’t prove, but am pretty sure of) but he promised his “investigators” were in Hawai’i and were finding all kinds of dirt that he would share with us. Yet, nothing 3 years later.

    Moreover, Trump has changed his stance on almost every issue and never offered the slightest explanation. Yes, some people do change their opinions on some things, but his change is just TOO CONVENIENT, especially without any explanations.

    So, if I were to say, Trump is NOT speaking his mind, but, rather, pandering to his audience like the basest politician, who can prove me wrong?

    • MC Planck

      Maybe this is the secret to his appeal: he is so obviously incompetent that the baggers finally feel like he’s not some genius lording his eleven-dimensional chess over them. Or his literacy. Or adult ability to think before speaking. Or responsibility for his thoughts and feelings. You know, all the things they find baffling and out of reach.

  • ralph_wiggam

    “And if there is anyone who knows what egomaniacal d-list celebrity billionaires think, it’s me.”

  • MC Planck

    Cuban went on to practice a little Trumpism: “The fact that whatever is on his mind is barking insane doesn’t bother me in the least. Because we billionaires are tired of ruling through bought politicians; it’s time we came out of the shadows and simply ran the government directly. With Trump in charge I know exactly how much the next pipeline, tax cut, or manufactured war will cost me.”

  • Zolicon

    “Mark Cuban Says Donald Trump is Best Thing for Politics.”

    And just think this is the best the country has to offer when it comes to choosing a leader.

    • GatorLegal1

      If you think Trump is the best thing the country has to offer, you probably don’t know too many people.

  • jpic

    Seems to me that Bernie Sanders is speaking his mind.

  • rightwingrick

    Hey, Mark, wouldn’t it be pretty important if he actually did homework on the issues and knew what he was talking about, instead of just spitting stuff out off the cuff? With leadership comes responsibility, and an inattentive, uninformed, misinformed, lazy candidate who doesn’t do his homework is NOTHING new and unusual. Same old crap, Mark.

  • MVH1

    Thank goodness we’re now in late June of 2016 and Mark has changed his mind because it didn’t work out so well after all.