Trump Says U.S. May Have to Shut Down Mosques

Donald Trump says the United States will have “absolutely no choice” but to close down some mosques where “some bad things are happening,” Politico reports.

Said Trump: “Nobody wants to say this and nobody wants to shut down religious institutions or anything, but you know, you understand it. A lot of people understand it. We’re going to have no choice.”

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  • chisholm

    And the Tea Party/Storm Fronters call Obama a constitution-shredder?

    Not that I take Trump seriously. But he is an effective window into their worsening mental illness.

    When you tease their thinking out it all gets down to a passionate yearning for ethnic cleansing.

    • tiredofit

      Better take him seriously. Scarily, he has a shot. All he has to do is have a few more of the real Republicans drop out — Jindal just did — and win Iowa or New Hampshire, start piling up delegates, and then a terror attack moves people away from Hillary.

      President Donald Trump declares emergency powers, Supreme Court backs him up, we’re a fascist state.

      • YvonneofNC

        If Trump somehow becomes the blind squirrel that will find the GOP nomination nut, that’s fine by me because that’s where it’ll end and maybe will be the effective end of the GOP.

        • tiredofit

          I used to think that, too, but the complete obtuse nature of his followers — including two registered Democrats who work for me — combined with the ho-hum acceptance of the anti-Muslim sentiment by the media and much of the public makes me terrified that an “October surprise” attack could deliver Trump the White House.

          And destroy our country instead of their party.

          • Delphine

            buzman • 17 minutes ago
            TRUMP is 100 % correct as always. only THE DONALD will call out KING HUSSEIN for his lies….MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN DONALD
            TRUMP 2016 !!!!!!!
            I just thought I would share this treasure from breitbart, as something for us all to contemplate.

          • tiredofit

            Well, he is correct.

          • YvonneofNC

            Why are those two registered Democrats supporting Trump and when was the last time they voted for a Democrat?

          • tiredofit

            One of them was on the ballot as a county committeeman for the Democrats this year, and the other is a regular voter if not an every election voter.

          • i’m guessing they are white and not super smart.

          • tiredofit

            White, yes, but at least one is pretty smart. However, as a single parent overwhelmed with work and care of multiple kids and so very low-information.

          • trump won’t win because of hysteria but it’s not safe to have a nut as the candidate of either of the two incumbent parties in case as one GOP insider who fears a trump or Carson candidacy said of Hillary “slipping on a banana peel.”

          • Pirini Scleroso

            I agree with you and you are not overstating the threat. In fact, I’ll go even further and say that I think Trump is the special type of narcissist that would do a “wag the dog” move to create that “October surprise”. It scares me enough that my partner and I have already decided that if Trump is still around by the time of the Colorado caucuses we will be attending our local Republican one and voting for the most viable alternative to Trump just to stop him.

        • jpic

          Forget this nonsense about the end of the GOP. It is very much alive and thriving. Dems wish we had what they have. We don’t and even with demographic changes, their control will continue indefinitely.

          • YvonneofNC

            Yes, I know. And Obamacare is toast.

      • chisholm

        I have a tiny shred of faith in the American people that they will be sufficiently horrified by a Trump GOP nominee. (Yes, I am going out on one hell of a limb on that one.)

        • tiredofit

          I always believed that what happened in Germany in the early 1930s when a dispirited, economically downtrodden, xenophobic and scared electorate voted for an obviously odious candidate because they “had to do something” about the overwhelming problems they faced was impossible here.

          Then the GOP nominated Sarah Palin for VP, picked Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul as their leading intellectual lights, decided that a surveillance state was more important than freedom, stopped listening to any news but Breitbart and FOX news, demonized anyone who didn’t want eternal war, called men who left their blood and limbs on the battlefield traitors for not being Republicans, and completely ignored all facts and science when it contradicted their world view.

          And now we have Donald Trump and Ben Carson with more than 50% of the party’s support, leading in the first two states nomination processes, and calling for shutting down the houses of worship of a certain faith. You have the “reasonable” Jeb Bush saying that people can “prove they are a Christian.” And you have more than half of America’s governors — but all of one party — deciding that they refuse to help innocent people displaced and threatened by war solely based on their religion.

          I’m not saying it will happen here, or that the GOP is the Nazi party (they’re not). But I am terrified that a completely incompetent, ignorant and odious person can become our President.

          • jpic

            You summed it up far better than I could.

          • IndependentLiberal

            Regarding your last line, didn’t this already happen?


          • tiredofit

            I get your point, but at least he had held elected office before. Trump and Carson are far worse in their blatant lack of connection to reality than Bush’s disconnect from reality. Far more hate and vitriol at pink elephants comes from Don and Ben.

          • IndependentLiberal

            Oh I agree, their Presidency would be a bigger disaster than Bush 43’s. *shudder*

          • embo66

            Yes, it could happen; in fact, it has happened with several Presidents already. That’s why you gotta have faith that the US / our republic is stronger than any one unfortunate period.

            I know it can be hard to believe, for instance, that we’ve had Congresses who got along even worse than our elected officials do now — but it’s all there in the history books. And it’s certainly hard to find a more dangerously contentious period than our own Civil War (and the decades both leading up to and following it).

            And while GOP candidates all seem to have lost their tiny little minds, not all Americans have. Even Republican voters themselves, for example, are NOT in favor of a ground war to fight ISIS (see the latest New Hampshire poll).

            I just believe that — no matter who becomes the GOP nominee — enough Americans will simply not vote for that wingnut to lead the nation. And if they do, we’ll survive. We even got through 2 terms of George W. Bush, after all.

          • tiredofit

            No election comparable to the Nazi party taking over Germany has ever happened here. Even when we had Senators braining each other on the Senate floor prior to the Civil War, a President and Vice President publishing newspapers spouting scandalous lies about each other, the House Unamerican Activities Committee, there was still balance.

            Now we have a minority party holding both houses of the Congress and if Trump or Carson (or, really, any of the others) gets the White House with this Supreme Court there’s no telling what will happen.

          • embo66

            I still think you’re being overly dramatic. Besides, you yourself just said that the GOP aren’t Nazis, so why are you bringing that comparison up again?

            And there IS balance out here in the real world; a look at just about any poll on most issues will show you a majority populace that doesn’t agree with the GOP at all; hence their minority party status.

            I’m not saying it isn’t worrisome, particularly the Koch schemes and the way far too few Democrats vote in anything but the national elections. I just have a hard time believing that any of the clowns currently in the lead for the GOP nomination could actually win the general election — partly because that’s where Dems DO vote. Even on issues of national security, Hillary Clinton is very reassuring — and not nearly as batshit crazy as her opponents.

          • tiredofit

            Why do I bring up the comparison again? Because that’s what we were discussing from my original comment. I said I could understand how an election could happen like Germany in 1931, you said such elections had happened many times, I said not really like 1931. I was just staying on topic.

            But while they are not Nazis, they are highly nationalistic, xenophobic, and populist; are primarily made up of one racial group; believe they are under siege from all sides and have a culture of victimhood; feel economically marginalized; support economic powers over individual liberty; distrust established authority to the point of violence; have incredible marketing and propaganda power; and are demanding a military uptick so we can wage war and take over a region of the globe for national safety.

            And then there’s the demonization of a religious minority by calling them an existential threat to the nation, closing their houses of worship, and sealing the borders to any new members of that religion coming to the country.

            So, yes, I see a lot in common with today and 1931. In 1931 Germany no one would have seen yellow stars, interment camps and gas chambers in 1939, and I don’t see them today. But either way I would not want them in charge of Germany in 1932 and I don’t want the GOP in charge of the United States in 2017, either.

      • xgoper

        The supreme court would never back him in this even Scalia and Thomas. The first amendment is absolute to most legal scholars.It is a basic tenant of the constitution. This kind of talk will destroy Trump in a general election

        • tiredofit

          We have a long history of obviously unConstitutional things passing muster, all the way back to the Alien and Sedition Act to Dred Scott to Plessy vs. Ferguson to interring American citizens in WWII to authorized spying on anti-war protesters in the 60s to Bush v Gore to collecting personal information without a warrant to making gun ownership an individual right to Citizens United. I don’t know why we would think that if there were a number of terror attacks on American soil they wouldn’t grant the President special powers, perhaps claiming that we were under a war footing.

        • ralph_wiggam

          The first amendment rents space in the constitution?

        • tenet

      • docb

        Even 40% of the 33% of the electorate who identify as repub is not a winning number in the general election.

        This excuse for a male, drumphie, is a disgrace preying on the ignorance of the rightwing ignorant and frightened! Not one endorsement of consequence for the dumpster is telling!

        • tiredofit

          He has 40% of the 33% now. But whoever wins the nomination will likely have 90% of the 33%.

          And since the Electoral College is built on the same math that determines the Congress, and the GOP controls both houses of Congress, they can win the Electoral College.

      • embo66

        Since when was Bobby Jindal a “real” Republican? You mean because he’s virtually destroyed Louisiana’s economy and shamelessly embraced the most fanatical Christianist beliefs?

        I’m beginning to think there simply aren’t ANY “real” Republicans left, at least not running for office. When Kasich denounced accepting any Syrian refugees in Ohio and then turned around and suggested the US government create a department to “promote Judeo-Christian values” in Asia and the MIddle East . . . I realized they have all simply gone batshit insane.

        There’s nobody “real” among the lot of them. And scarily enough, Trump makes as much sense as any of them at this point.

        • tiredofit

          Bobby Jindal is a real Republican because he ran and won two terms as the Governor of a state as a Republican, and governed as a Republican. The comparison is people who have been in the party and active in it as part of an organization, and people like Trump and Carson who are running as GOPers because it’s not the Democrats.

          • embo66

            By that reasoning, Bernie Sanders isn’t a real Democrat.

            You seem to think that electing a “real” Republican like Bobby Jindal would somehow be “better” than either Carson or Trump because . . . he’s been a loyal member of the Republican Party?

            To my mind, they ALL have pretty much equally awful ideas. Elect Jindal and you pretty much get Trump policies, regardless. The only ones who are truly any different are probably Bush and Pataki.

          • tiredofit

            I seem to think electing Jindal would be better than Carson or Trump? Please point out anything I’ve said that suggests that. You’re assuming things not in evidence.

            What I was noting was a winnowing of the field to the point where Trump can start piling up delegates in early states. In no way was that suggesting that Jindal the exorcist would have been better.

            As for Sanders, no, he’s not a real Democrat. He’d tell you that himself. But he did spend his entire career in the Congress caucusing with the Democrats, and (to my knowledge) has never donated or endorsed against them at that level like Trump has.

      • Edward Quinto

        absolutely correct sir. He’s been scaring the hell out of me since he opened hos mouth. Fascism will come to America draped in a flag

      • LKM

        I agree except for the implication that Jindal was among the real candidates.

        • tiredofit

          Didn’t call him a real candidate; called him a real Republican. 🙂

  • tiredofit

    Translated Donald Trump: “Constitution? They had one of those in Germany in 1931, but that didn’t matter either.”

  • YvonneofNC

    “Religious freedom means freedom to practice what we consider the right religion,” says Trump, Cruz and 85% of the GOP

  • OBforObama

    Donald Trump is ISIS’ biggest asset. He is doing a wonderful job of recruiting, and this would be pretty much the ideal way to radicalize people.

    Notice he doesn’t call for shutting down the churches of pastors who say all gays should be killed. Wonder when he’d say that?

    • SoundTownSal

      After he gets the nomination when he starts pandering to both conservatives and Democrats.

  • growe

    Oh good. So if Mormons stick their nose into a public vote again, we can shut them down too?
    Westboro Baptist can be closed for being involved in ‘bad things’? It’s about time.

    • RadicalCentrist

      In the first case, no. But in the second, once they incite murder, yes.

  • RadicalCentrist

    There are limits on freedom of both speech and religion. I believe that web sites that recruit for ISIS or incite to murder should be shut down an/or access blocked and tracked. If there were a mosque that preached to go out and murder non-Muslims, that should not be allowed (though as far as I know there aren’t any in the US). The pro-Nazi newspapers that existed in the US in the 1930s were shut down, or shut down voluntarily.

    And for those who say what about Christian churches that preach murder of gays and others? Yes, by all means shut them down. The line is crossed when you preach or incite murder.

    Here is a case from a few hours ago in the UK

    • DKDC

      I think the test is whether or not the law has been broken.

      • RadicalCentrist

        In the UK case it seems it may have been. If there were someone doing that here, I think that would violate US law as well.

        • Delphine

          I don’t see how a group encouraging its members to murder is different from any other terrorist group (e.g.KKK) whether it calls itself a “mosque” or not.

  • rssrai

    Sorry Trump, but you have gone too far. The reason why this country was founded was because of religious persecution. There is a little thing called freedom of religion. The constitution does not mean that we can decide that a mosque should be closed down because it is not Christian. Enough with the scare tactics and racist and religious hatred.

    • azportsider

      Demagoguery is all he has to offer.

  • Rascal262

    As long as we’re opening the door to religious discrimination, there are a few Catholic churches that could use closing too.

    • nowaRINO

      You know, we never should have let Roman Catholics run for office outside of the state of Maryland. /s

  • APV

    Republicans wrap themselves around the 1st amendment and religious freedom when they want to discriminate against gays, but give a rats ass when it comes to the religious freedom of non-Judaic Christian religions?

    The Constitution is not a a la carte menu with fine print & caveats, that they can pick & choose.

    • RadicalCentrist

      The Constitution does not protect incitement to murder. You can’t run a criminal conspiracy and call it a church, synagogue or mosque and have it be protected.

      • APV

        Agree. The same reasons the practice of polygamy or animal sacrifice/cruelty is not allowed. And of course, freedom of speech does not allow for hate speech to be broadcast over public airways.

        • RadicalCentrist

          So if a mosque or church engages in incitement or serves as cover for a terrorist conspiracy, would it not be appropriate to close it?

          • APV

            That would apply to Kevin Swanson and the pastor who threatened to (and may have gone ahead with) burning the Koran. There cannot be exceptions on the right, while minority religions are singled out.

          • RadicalCentrist

            I don’t know who Kevin Swanson is. Not sure Koran burning, as totally disgusting as it is, qualifies as incitement. But no religion should be singled out.

          • APV

            Kevin Swanson is the CO Pastor who in a National Religious Liberties Conference in IA recently called for members of the LGBT community be executed and for parents to drown their children if those children indulged in reading Harry Potter books (I am not making this up). The worst part was 3 of the Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Huckabee, and Jindal spoke at the same conference, and may have been introduced by Swanson.


          • RadicalCentrist

            That would certainly qualify as inciting to murder in my books.

  • chucktranberg

    That this guy and half the other nuts on the GOP side are “serious” candidates for president makes me shudder and wonder what is wrong with this country.

  • Mark In Kansas

    I’ve been thinking about this topic since Trump first mentioned it. I could imagine one way of doing this is similar to how the justice dept. went after the mob with RICO laws. Justice would claim that these are actually not mosques at all, but “fronts” for organized crime and terror. They would not be shutting down any religious institutions, but instead claiming the location is a sham pretending to be a mosque. The IRS could get in the game by revoking their not-for-profit status as a church. Cult type churches are regularly raided and shut down, the poligimist FLDS church is one big example.

    • Zornorph

      Didn’t they try something like this with the ̶C̶u̶l̶t̶ Church of Scientology? And it didn’t work? Given that Islam is a bit older than L.Ron Hubbard’s satirical joke, I can’t imagine that would succeed.

  • WigglyWeasel

    Can we please shut down the God Hates F@gs church too?

  • ralph_wiggam

    Wow, why not interment camps? That is the next step, isnt it?

    I had a teacher who was a child in a WW2 internment camp. His family lost everything, they suffered horrbly. He was born here, his parents were citizens.

    Tell me Donald, how is that gonna stop ISIS?

  • we may have to shut down Trump if he tries any of that ignorant unAmerican bullshit.

  • bpai99

    Make sure to shut down the Westboro Church and other fanatical Christian churches as well, then.

    Thanks to Trump for giving ISIL its Recruiting Sound Bite of the Day.

  • Shamman

    First Amendment, Donny – First Amendment. A president who shut down mosques would clearly be preferring one religion over another. As soon as you tried to send out Federal Marshals to do this, the House would likely have to begin impeachment proceedings. At the very least, a judge would stop you. Give it up, Trumpet.


    Clearly, Trump is just finding ways to make anti-Islamic statements because that appeals to the base. First, we would all agree that terrorists, and those that would aid and abet terrorists, whatever their religion, should be brought to justice. Second, the blame for the acts of terrorists are solely with t hose who commit the act and those who aid them, not other people who share their race, religion, or ethnicity. Third, the issue is not shutting down mosques, but arresting individuals and groups of individuals, who are terrorists. What Trump is dong is demonizing Muslims, who are now added to Mexicans in his pantheon of things to fear, making them part of the other that is not entitled to the rights and protections Americans who are not part of the other take for granted. He;s playing a dangerous game with our country. The fact that he can be such a big player in the GOP shows just how far they’ve gone downhill. He almost makes “W” look like a statesman. Yes, its that bad.

  • fgtayl01

    But first on the agenda will be the Pledge of Allegiance following by the benediction.
    All rise.

  • molosky

    There really are no problems America faces that can’t be solved with some form of ethnic cleansing.

  • LKM

    Trump said once that you say what you’ve got to say to make the deal and that he knows this better than anyone. My only hope is that he is wiser than he is letting on and this is just bluster to “make the deal” of winning the nomination and presidency and that if elected he would govern more sanely than his “blow the bums up” rhetoric. It’s a thin, pale hope, but that’s all I’ve got.

  • ham hock

    But of course our domestic christian terrorists get a free pass to do whatever they please, after all it is their freedom of religion to persecute anyone who isnt them. Gag. Conservatism, like religion, is a disease.

  • can we also shut down the (R)masques?