Limbaugh Praises Cruz for Debate

Rush Limbaugh “lavished praise” on Sen. Ted Cruz for his debate performance on his radio show, Politico reports.

Said Limbaugh: “Ted Cruz speaks like a traditional powerful, well-versed proud — unabashedly proud — conservative. He is an articulate representative of conservatism and the conservative movement, and he is a happy warrior.”

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  • DKDC

    Cruz a happy warrior? When a dog bares it’s teeth, don’t confuse it with a smile.

  • richo123

    As did Barry Goldwater in 1964.

  • YvonneofNC

    Ted Cruz is happy? Okie dokie.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Limbaugh confuses Cruz’s painful rictus with a smile. Sort of like mistaking the look on a hyenas face as friendly.

  • TexasLou

    This is all that comes to my mind when I hear the name “Ted Cruz”…

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      We’d be hard-pressed to find a truer visual.

  • esro

    If by “happy” he means “crazy as a loon” then yeah, Ted’s happy.

  • gloriousglo2

    Wasn’t Hubert Humphrey “The Happy Warrior?” That’s about the extent of the comparison between the two men……

    • jpic

      I bet he wasn’t happy under Lyndie’s thumb.

      • gloriousglo2

        Who’s Lyndie?

  • L’Homme Armé

    Happy Warriors, for those who don’t know, is the title of the first half of the Evelyn Waugh book Officers and Gentlemen, which is the second book of the Sword of Honour trilogy.

    I mention this because the third book in that trilogy is titled Unconditional Surrender, which is probably what the Republican Party will be engaging in on November 8 if Cruz gets the nomination.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      From your lips to God’s ears.

  • Silent_Partner

    This fat fuck is still alive and has a show? Who knew?

    • jpic

      Unfortunately Limberger is as stinky as the cheese. I will celebrate this assbag’s passing.

  • Wags

    Looks like Limbaugh has picked a side. So I guess now we will get a chance to see whether Trump’s numbers are due to himself or due to talk radio support.

    • Hagar32Grady

      I’m thinking it is six of this and a half of a dozen of that. You do bring up a excellent point. It will depend on Rushbo sticking to his marching orders or if , as his want, deviates. I am intrigued.

  • Hagar32Grady

    Of course he gravitated to Cruz . … . Giuliani isn’t running. ….How did that work out for you, Rushbo?

  • jrforbo

    stupid is as stupid does

  • snickering

    I’m glad Cruz is a Happy Warrior but which war is he fighting in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan?