Reid-McConnell Relationship Hits New Low

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell “sat down for a rare face-to-face meeting on the last day of November. The agenda was straightforward — plotting out the legislative agenda for the end of the year — but what transpired has pushed the relationship between the veteran Senate leaders, never warm and fuzzy, to a new low of bitterness and distrust,” Politico reports.

“Reid left the meeting seething with rage, associates of the Democratic leader said, after McConnell told Reid that legislative language to help 9/11 responders and challenge a boycott against Israeli goods would be left out of a must-pass transportation bill. Within a day, Reid’s allies were going public to portray McConnell as using 9/11 heroes as negotiating chips, and later that week Reid said it was solely McConnell who blocked the Israel language.”

The Hill reports both Reid and McConnell are disputing this story.

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