Reid-McConnell Relationship Hits New Low

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell “sat down for a rare face-to-face meeting on the last day of November. The agenda was straightforward — plotting out the legislative agenda for the end of the year — but what transpired has pushed the relationship between the veteran Senate leaders, never warm and fuzzy, to a new low of bitterness and distrust,” Politico reports.

“Reid left the meeting seething with rage, associates of the Democratic leader said, after McConnell told Reid that legislative language to help 9/11 responders and challenge a boycott against Israeli goods would be left out of a must-pass transportation bill. Within a day, Reid’s allies were going public to portray McConnell as using 9/11 heroes as negotiating chips, and later that week Reid said it was solely McConnell who blocked the Israel language.”

The Hill reports both Reid and McConnell are disputing this story.

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  • vidarien

    Maybe don’t use dying 9/11 responders as leverage if you don’t want to be labeled a slimebag prick, not worthy of being a citizen, let alone a senator.

  • littlejohn

    Note that the 9/11 Responder money made it into the final omnibus bill. Thanks to Jon Stewart.

    • vidarien

      The issue is that he shouldn’t have had to intervene. The lack of common sense on this one is criminal. Why not hold death benefits for armed forces KIA spouses too?

      • evave2

        The guy he had on his special visit to TDS said that Mitch ‘promised’ him it would be in the first bill, that he and his fellow responders should not have to continue having to beg. In this final bill it is authorized until the end of the century.

        Just disgusting.

  • BillBuckley

    Not sure why Harry is surprised or so angry.

    ‘Turtle’ spent six years doing sweet **** all as Minority Senate Leader except act as an impediment to a functioning democracy. Hardly surprising that’s he’s spent his first year as Majority Leader doing exactly the same thing. It’s all McConnell knows how to do: gum up the works.

    • CB123

      No, McConnell only wants to gum up the works when his own party does not have complete control. Give old Turtle Face a Republican president to go with that Republican Congress, and he’ll stop obstructing. (Of course, that’s precisely what I’m afraid of.)

      • BillBuckley

        With any luck, McConnell will be long dead and buried before we see another Republican president inflicted upon the American people.

        • CB123

          We need at least two more terms of a Democratic presidency just to get us back to where we were in 2000.

    • CB123

      Side note: my late father (a staunch union Democrat), perhaps envisioning the rise of the Turtle, used to refer to really intransigent Republicans as “hardshell Republicans.”

      Of course, back then, there were still some Republicans who would not qualify as “hardshell” Republicans in my dad’s book. Today, most of them would.

      • evave2

        I like your Daddy. You picked good being born his child.

  • brainscoop

    McConnell’s political instincts are as good as ever, I see. No wonder he’s one of the most popular men in America. A rare area of bipartisan agreement!

  • This doesn’t seem to be written very clearly: “McConnell told Reid that legislative language to … challenge a boycott against Israeli goods would be left out of a must-pass transportation bill?”
    So McConnell tells Reid that language would be left in for a boycott against Israeli goods? Repub support for BDS? Really? Politico, can you clean up your writing to be comprehensible?

    • Zornorph

      To be fair, he’s just quoting Politico’s bad writing. I read the whole article in question and I still can’t figure out who wanted what vis-a-vis Israel.

      • evave2

        I go to Politico occasionally but the letters there really disturb me.

      • OK, thanks. I edited my post to address Politico.

  • BillBuckley

    Hard to believe McConnell is so completely stupid as to deny the 9/11 First Responders inclusion in the bill. I mean, we’ve seen political malpractice and utter contempt for the electorate before, but perhaps not as nauseatingly as this.

    • evave2

      It’s that he promised. I am beginning to think Cruz told the truth when he said McConnell looked him in the eye and lied to him.

    • SoundTownSal

      Plus, 99% of those folks are stalwart Republicans. I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

  • evave2

    That bit about the 9/11 responders (and their use as a bargaining chip) really ticks me off.