Megyn Kelly Gets a Book Deal

“Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host who made national headlines for tangles with Donald Trump during a Republican presidential debate in August, has signed a book deal with HarperCollins,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“HarperCollins did not disclose details about the book’s subject matter. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed either. A rep for CAA, who negotiated the deal on behalf of Kelly, says reports of a $10 million advance were inaccurate.”

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  • Wynstone

    Blonde Ambition

  • politicsjunkie

    Blood Coming Out of My- Wherever

  • S1AMER

    I remember when Harpers was a noble name in publishing. Nowadays, it’s mostly a printing press for the right wing. Sad.

  • LK234

    The crazy thing about this is that they said this book is coming out THIS NOVEMBER. She’s getting paid millions for a book she’s going to throw together in 6 months? While also doing her anchor job? It’s an insult to anyone who writes for a living.

    • eve

      She doesn’t have to write anything. It will be a photo album of her doing her sexy girl poses.

  • Jack McGovern

    Will the crayons be included?

    • Delphine

      Oooh, maybe it’s an adult coloring book OF the sexy girl poses! They say coloring is very good for relieving stress.

  • gjetsonpdx

    Just another part of the Murdoch propaganda empire:

  • Delphine

    “I’m Not Just a Piece of Meat: My Personal Battle with Donald J. Trump”

  • ArkonaRus

    Megyn Kelly 2020? 😉