Trump Resumes His Fight with Fox News

Donald Trump continued to stoke his eight-month-long feud with Megyn Kelly, calling the Fox News anchor “crazy” and “average in so many ways,” NBC News reports.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has tweeted and retweeted multiple attacks on Kelly, including one that called her a “bimbo,” though Trump pushed back on that as “different” because it was a retweet and not his own content.

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  • gmccpa

    Ailes and Murdoch had best come up with a plan to support the Dem nominee….without their viewers noticing. Because having a Republican Pres (like Trump) calling for boycotts and telling the base that FOX news lies and is NOT fair and balanced…..validates what Democrats and Progressives have been saying for years. That cant end will for them.

    • rssrai

      The truth is that Fox news does kill brain cells. I have so few left that I definitely stay away from Fox news programs. The only thing I know about Megyn Kelly is that she said sorry kids but Santa Claus is white, and her feud with Trump. Trump does seem to go after people who he thinks treated him unfair. He seems to be more like a Nixon than a Reagan.

    • LarryBurt

      Trump has already thoroughly discredited the Republican party. If he can discredit FOX news with Republicans, who could ask for more?

    • Matt Drabek

      Much like conservative talk radio (e.g., Limbaugh), they have two basic paths to go down if Trump remains antagonistic to them. One would be the one you suggest – just hope for, and clandestinely work for, a Clinton victory in November. The other would be the path of Breitbart – embrace Trumpism and become pitchmen for The Donald.

      • gmccpa

        True. But embracing Trump is not without risks. Just ask Chris Christie. Even if Fox embraces him….he’ll throw them under a bus in a heartbeat. Maybe they’d be better off softening their rhetoric on HRC…..without overtly supporting her. Then, after Nov., back to business as usual.

        I’m not suggesting I care about the fate of Fox news. But it can’t hurt either Hillary…or Bernie.. if they tone it down a bit. If just til the election.

        • zappa24

          Or Breitbart. Has it gotten any better over there after the Michelle Fields incident?

  • exxgoper

    Yes, because his fight with Megyn will do wonders for his standing with women. This is why, he will have so much trouble in the general. He can’t seem to be able to pivot out of his script. By design or simply because he is constitutionally incapable. Now wait for Joe Scarborough and Chris Mathews and the rest of the punducracy to interpret this as some type of brilliant strategic move that is so cerebral the great unwashed can’t fathom. They have bought into the Trump myth hook sinker and line and they are not about to let reality to get in the way.

  • CSStrowbridge

    Any each time Trump Attacks Megan Kelly with a sexist remark, more GOP women start thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton. Some already will. The only question that remains is if this will extend down-ticket.

  • JoyP

    The GOP’s (I qualify Trump as the GOP. They own it) reaching out for the women vote is working really well for Hillary.

  • ArkonaRus

    Fox News helped to create this monster and now they want to chain the monster in the basement! But like with the Tea Party in general they just want them go a little far in politics, but not TOO far.

    • jpic

      Kinda like former Reds owner Marge Schott saying Hitler did a lot of good but went too far.

  • Chris Leatherman

    How I do enjoy seeing Trump slaughter Republican sacred cows. If we’re lucky he’ll even manage to kill off the Republican Party itself.

  • ralph_wiggam

    I would say fire his media strategy team for even suggesting that he keep going after Megyn Kelly, but his only advisor seems to be himself.

  • JavaMan

    “The press conference featured Mr. Trump standing in front of an easel displaying the phases of the moon, describing how Megyn Kelly and other women in media may have synced their cycles like some disgusting wolves. This, he said, was responsible for the concerted establishment volleys sent in the direction of his campaign every few weeks.”

  • Bugsy63

    Average in so many ways?
    This is the best he can do?
    What happened to this guy? Is he failing? I don’t know, but he used to come up with
    Really offensive things about menstrual periods and now all he come up with is “she’s average”, he must be slipping, there’s something we don’t know about him, maybe he had a stroke, we just don’t know.

  • ralph_wiggam

    So according to Trump, it is ok to repeat racist or sexist jokes that you heard someone else say, but not if you invented them yourself.

  • Crittersmith2

    He wants her but know that’s she too smart for him and she speaks English ( for the most part…she is on Fox “news”.)

  • hipsteriac

    Would somebody please tell Trump he’s never gonna tap that.