Warren Won’t Say If She’d Consider Being Veep

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) won’t say whether she would consider running on the Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton, MSNBC reports.

Said Warren: “I love my job. I’m here in the United States Senate doing exactly what the people of Massachusetts sent me here to do.”

She added: “This is something we’ve got to get all of our nominations settled on the Democratic side. For me, I’m going to keep doing my job every single day and I’m not thinking about another job.”

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  • conspiracy

    Done deal. But my gut has been wrong plenty times before.

    • Dodgson

      I’d say Kaine. Of course, I’ve now seen a number of articles saying Kaine which makes me question my choice because political writers are the worst.

      • emblaze

        Literally. The. Worst.

        • Curt Richardson


          • emblaze

            🙂 I was just mocking millennial-speak.

          • Curt Richardson

            Got it. 🙂

      • APV

        Kaine is holding #1 position in betting markets for VP on the Democratic side.


        • Rondova

          I wouldn’t put too much stock in that (no pun intended) given that Sanders is in the #2 position. (And seriously, Webb and Chafee do not belong on that list at all)

          • Matt Drabek

            Yeah. Clinton isn’t stupid enough to choose Webb. And Chafee would be the ultimate milquetoast choice.

          • lostintheswamp

            i seriously doubt that chafee or webb are on the list at all …. i’m not sure if by being in the #2 position, you are suggesting that sanders would be considered for vp, but, if so, then i think that’s also a no go …. he is too old to pair up with clinton and the dems seriously need to get someone younger into the pipeline …

          • Rondova

            We’re in agreement. My point was that the bettors in the site APV linked to are overvaluing Sanders, Webb, and Chafee (and probably some others, like Rendell).

          • lostintheswamp

            got it …. i don’t think rendell offers much either …. i have to confess to be kind of excited to see who gets picked … clinton is definitely a team player and she’s going to need someone who’s also a team player without being a toady ….
            i think that lets warren out because she’s does her own thing – and does it well … also, warren can have a lot of fun at trump’s expense from where she sits … if she was vp, she’d take a lot of incoming from all angles and that could dilute her effectiveness at being an attack dog against trump …..

        • Chammy

          You called him early didn’t you. I am really beginning to believe you are right on the money

          • APV

            Kaine was on Obama’s short list in 2008 and one of the first ones to endorse Clinton this cycle. A very safe choice, which is how Hillary Clinton usually operates.

            The only negatives are he voted for TPP and wouldn’t excite Sanders’s supporters. We will know in 2 months.

          • Chammy

            We will know soon enough. I for one am not sitting on pins and needles. I am sure she will make the right choice.

          • Pain

            Kaine could camp out on Telemundo and speak in fluent Spanish about what an asshole Trump is.

        • lostintheswamp

          kaine has always been my favourite for vp …… besides being wholly qualified to be president, if the situation arises, he’s super smart, volunteered in honduras and speaks fluent spanish, young enough to balance out clinton’s age, a progressive, and cute in a fatherly, brotherly, best buddy way – oh, and he’s from virginia which we need to win … and, i think he would enhance clinton without outshining her …

      • Alki

        Pundits gotta pund.

        • abctefg

          Do you realize how many keys there are on a keyboard?
          I tap them and magically space fills up on blog posts.
          Sometimes that *space* even makes sense.
          But usually not.

      • ScienceWonk

        Another potential dark horse whose name you can toss into the VP hat: Congressman Xavier Becerra of California. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/10/us/politics/as-xavier-becerra-stirs-crowds-hispanic-democrats-see-a-running-mate.html

        • Chammy

          Doubt it.

        • Statetheobvious

          No way is she picking a Latino. She sees it as already having that vote locked up.

          White man from the South or Midwest.

          • ScienceWonk

            Only we’ll-known ones that would work are Kaine (meh), Warner (no-no, he’s not liked by progressives), Brown (he’s in a GOP-governed state), Franken (a potentially risky pick given his history as a comedian), Bill Nelson (not popular with progressives), and Casey (pro-lifer who would also turn off progressives).

            What about Tim Ryan, a House Democrat from Ohio? Has appeal with working-class types, represents the Akron area. Main downside is that he used to be pro-life.

          • Statetheobvious

            My guess is Hillary ignores progressives and chases after exurban middle-aged white guys. It’s what she’s done her whole career, and young people (with the exception of 2008 and 2012) don’t vote in as high numbers. I can definitely see her picking Nelson because he’s from the most valuable swing state. Franken is never going to happen. Since he spent most of his life having an actual job instead of making himself as bland and unobjectionable as possible in a bid to be President someday, he has things that the GOP can use against him! Horrors! Besides, she’s going to want to contrast herself with Trump and picking an entertainer from New York underscores all that.

            Also, Democrats like picking Senators for VP. So I expect a current or maybe former Senator. That narrows it down.

          • Chammy

            “My guess is Hillary ignores progressives and chases after exurban middle-aged white guys. It’s what she’s done her whole career,”

            Your dislike for her is quite telling by the fact that you take a dig at her every chance you get

          • pwier

            From what I’ve seen, Tim Ryan has charisma. When he talks, people sit up and take notice. He is most likely going to be President someday, so the Democratic party may as well get him into the flow. He would be an excellent VP. Only problem is that he would upstage Clinton, but that would also help Clinton win.

          • Chammy

            I know as much or as little as anyone here about who the future VP will be but I seriously doubt it will be Bill Nelson and certainly not Bob Casey. I agree Tim Ryan is very up and coming and has a good future so we shall see won’t we in a couple of months.

    • Statetheobvious

      It won’t be Warren, since picking a woman from MA isn’t the strategic move.

      But Hillary fans should be happy about this statement since it shows Watren, whose policies and public image would make her favour Sanders, just basically endorsed Hillary.

      • Chammy

        When did Warren basically endorse Clinton?

      • Chammy

        Just curious from the way you spell favor — are you British since favour is the standard British and Commonwealth spelling.

        • Statetheobvious

          I grew up in Canada. I tend to alternate between US and Canadian spelling.

          • Chammy

            I see. Are you a U. S. Citizen?

          • Statetheobvious


  • tiredofit

    We shouldn’t be neutering our best progressive voices by putting them in the most powerless job in America. VP is potted palm, and Warren and Sanders and Brown and the others can do more good in the Congress than in the Naval Observatory.

    • Cedric

      Not necessarily. If Warren is seated right next to the real power in our government (ie the President) then I would say her potential to bring real change is greater. The fear would be does Hillary give her that level of authority. I would say “yes” if she gains Clinton’s trust.

      An all female ticket would be groundbreaking and bold. Clinton is not a very bold person but perhaps appointing Warren would help change her image. Warren is definitely auditioning for the role as she is roasting Trump on social media. She is playing the good attack dog role.

      • oldhandatthis

        I always expected Warren would lead the effort to shepard the banking and financial reform bills through Congress.

      • Chammy

        Well, HRC worked in the Obama admin and certainly saw how valuable an asset he was to Obama. I just don’t see Warren doing it but we are all just guessing now

    • I don’t think VP is as powerless as it once was, especially with the more modern precedent of working as a team. If Clinton chooses Warren, I think Warren can do great things as VP. But I think she can also do tremendous things remaining in the Senate.

  • MYMY

    Not necessary. She’ll be potent ally for Hillary in the Senate.

  • emblaze

    Her statement was created by the Meaningless Political Response Generator 3000.

    • Alki

      I feel like this is the traditional response for candidates who may be under consideration to any degree. Probably not a large one in her case, but you don’t slam the door when someone else is the one opening it.

  • SeattleDemo

    Sure didn’t sound like a Shermanesque “no”

  • MC Planck

    That’s a “No” to me. But the media no longer accepts answers that don’t fit their narrative.

    And Teagan, your headline is part of the problem.

  • Independent Democrat

    I do not think it will be Warren. I think that HRC wants someone that speaks Spanish as the Latino vote is going to be of paramount importance this year. That is why I think it will either be Tom Perez or Tim Kaine.

    • Chammy

      Both would be excellent. Kaine has more prominent credentials even though I love Perez

  • Of course Warren wouldn’t answer such a stupid question. Nobody but a loser like Huckabee would anyway. More power to her.

    • Chammy

      Amen and I am so sick of people asking her – just short of beating it out of her

  • Chammy

    I wish people would stop asking her really I do. The media badgers and badgers hoping you might say one little thing that they can turn into a sound bite. I hate them. The one thing that Trump and I agree on. The press corps is a disgrace

  • Curtis

    Trump losing to a ticket with two women on it may drive him completely insane.

  • growe

    Unlike Republiclowns, a Veep nod would not be a kiss of death for a Democrat; and in any case we have no clown car and a capable candidate so Veepstakes is not big story in May.

  • TraumaQueen65

    Of course she has. Why else wouldn’t she have endorsed a candidate by now? Hedging her bets perhaps?