Trump Rips Media In Contentious Press Conference

At a press conference defending his donations to veteran’s groups, Donald Trump “demanded that journalists credit him for his act of charity and took umbrage at their scrutiny of his boasts and promises,” the New York Times reports.

“In a heated, 40-minute appearance in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, Mr. Trump dismissed a CNN reporter as ‘a real beauty’ and an ABC reporter as ‘a sleaze,’ and said that if he was elected president, the American public could expect a similar dynamic in the White House briefing room.”

Said Trump: “Yes, it is. It is going to be like this.”

Politico: “The major cable news networks — CNN, MSNBC and Fox News — broadcast nearly every single word of the billionaire’s news conference at Trump Tower, in which he was expected to disclose the details of the money he’s raised and distributed to veterans organizations but largely focused on attacking on the Fourth Estate.”

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