Clinton Moves to Head Off Trump In Rust Belt

New York Times: “It is no accident that Mrs. Clinton’s first campaign swing of the general election will take her next week to Ohio and Pennsylvania, and that her first joint rally with Mr. Obama will be in Wisconsin. Mr. Trump has long vowed to compete in traditionally Democratic-leaning Midwestern states, viewing the Rust Belt as the cornerstone of his electoral map.”

“Given Mr. Trump’s dismal standing with Latino voters, his prospects look tenuous in traditional swing states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada. That means his most realistic path to victory runs not only through Ohio, a perennial battleground, but also through states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that have not voted Republican in a generation. If Mrs. Clinton can fortify her support in these areas, Mr. Trump’s electoral map may disintegrate.”

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  • “WHEN Mrs. Clinton fortifIES her support in these areas, Mr. Trump’s electoral map disintegrateS.”


    • Alki

      Precisely. For all the things I don’t love about the Clintons, I love the fact that more than any other Dems, I can *trust* them to get the job done properly. Elizabeth Warren made the same point last night… Clinton is a fighter. She doesn’t leave things out there and hope they work out for her. And we’ve had too much of that from our side over the past decades

  • BillBuckley

    I don’t understand why journalists keep referring to places like Ohio as “the Rust Belt”. It’s not an economic backwater like West Virginia. The current unemployment rate there is the lowest its been since 2001, down from over 11% at the height of the recession in 2009.

    • Chammy

      I think it’s because how overwhelmingly Bernie won Michigan and some of the trends they are seeing in PA

    • Calbengoshi

      I first heard the term “Rust Belt” in the 80s, and it was based on the fact that manufacturing plants, especially steel mills, located in the area were being closed. I always thought that it was based on there being a lot of equipment and steel-frame buildings that were abandoned and rusted.

      • BillBuckley

        The term never made much sense to me, as it implies depressed areas. It’s hard to reconcile that with many areas of Ohio that have simply moved on to other things, rather than areas like the auto manufacturing areas like Detroit, or the coal mining areas which have simply never recovered.

        • Helen Bedd

          just trivia, but youngstown ohio boasts “rust belt rentals,” “the rust belt theater company,” “rust belt brewing company.” a craft group called “rust belt made,” etc

  • Digitaldarling

    Good to hear. Between HRC and her surrogates (Bill, President Obama, the FLOTUS, Warren, hopefully the Bidens and eventually maybe even Bernie (I’m an optimist)), she can be practically everywhere at once. Trump can be on Twitter.

    • Cedric

      One of her best assets is having all those folks who can cover the entire battlefield.

  • mikemiller56

    Don the Con needs Michigan, well if the Republican Governor will not endorse you , it may be hard to win.(bold prediction)

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      Smarmy Dick doesn’t seem to sit well with a lot of the Don the Con crowd, so that’s probably a moot point. However, we have an ever increasing number of science deniers and anti intellectuals in this state.

  • ‘ere I am, J.H.

    And while she’s distracted, Trump will slip in and steal away New York and California. Sad!

    • William Lee

      That is so simple and so funny and so perfect.

  • Cedric

    I have been preaching this strategy here on PW. Fortify the Blue leaning states especially the Light Blues in the Midwest and Rust Belt. This is where the election will be won and it is where Clinton has shown some weakness.

    Blanket PA, MI, WI, OH, etc with appearances, ads, organization, etc. This is critical.

    • tabster

      Possibly. But you know, every poll of WI has had Clinton ahead by double digits. Same with MI.

      OH is close but it always is. The one state I might agree with is PA seems closer than usual, but I’d want to see more polling to verify that.

      • Cedric

        Hillary has struggles in polling for quite a while with Midwest / Rust Belt white voters. That is why the polls are close and why her early efforts to target the region. Consider where did Sanders give her a lot of fits? In states like MI, WI and IN…core Midwest. She needs to shore her support up in those states.

  • tabster

    Clinton doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the exceptional campaign she’s running. I think historically we will look back at the 2016 Clinton campaign as one of the best-run political campaigns ever.

  • Robert68

    My guess is that Nevada could just be taken off the board as a swing state this November. I think Hillary easily wins it by double-digits. Trump is more likely to do better in the Midwest states, even the ones that have not gone red in decades.

  • Helen Bedd

    and if hillary is smart she will have a number of tailormade appeals to white women without college degrees to stump on. bring that group of voters onboard and the midwest should be out of reach for the donald