Trump Says Armed Clubgoers Could Have Killed Shooter

Donald Trump “argued again that the mass shooting in Orlando, could have been less deadly had people in the gay nightclub been able to shoot back,” The Hill reports.

Said Trump: “If we had people with the bullets going in the opposite direction — right smack between the eyes of this maniac. If some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle, and this son of a bitch comes out and starts shooting, and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what? That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks, that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight.”

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  • APV

    In a place where there is plenty of alcohol and excitement? Yeah right!!

    • jgrillo

      That’s why even if you have a Concealed Handgun License, there are limitations of carry…bars, sporting events, amusement parks, etc. Never a good idea to mix carrying a gun with alcohol.

      • lookolook

        Donald Trump is simply an “arrested development” child in a man’s body.

      • littlejohn

        Florida law.

        • jgrillo

          Texas too.

      • ArkonaRus

        “Never a good idea to mix carrying a gun with alcohol.” Countries have literally lost battles because of that! 😉

    • pbrower2a

      Texas has a law mandating ten years imprisonment for carrying a firearm into a place in which alcoholic beverages are served.

      Booze and forearms just do not go together.

      • JDJ

        I know it’s a typo but thanks for the laugh. Trump is just fucking disgusting.

      • lookolook

        I don’t think Donald Trump knows that or even cares.

      • Kyle

        Upvoting as the typo makes this hilarious.

      • ArkonaRus

        And that’s TEXAS. Let that sink in there for a moment. Even Texas has that law..

    • lookolook

      “goes boom, boom, you know what? That would have been a beautiful,
      beautiful sight, folks, that would have been a beautiful, beautiful

      Shows right there what kind of person Donald Trump is – King of blood lust.

      • ArkonaRus

        As long as it’s not his own blood then he doesn’t care.

  • StoneLaw

    If one kid on the playground was hitting the others with a stick, would you take the stick away or give every kid a stick? @gunmanagementnow

    • lookolook

      Donald Trump surely thinks that every child in that scenario should have two heavy sticks each, strapped to their waists and one stick given to each child in addition, so that he would stand back and enjoy the looming Armageddon. He might want to rule America like that. That’s why every patriotic voter should not allow him to smell the oval office forever!

      • Jim Johnson

        Trump Sticks™ (endorsed by the NSA). Why stop at only two heavy sticks — supersize!

      • ArkonaRus

        Trump should not only not be allowed to govern in the White House…he shouldn’t even be allowed permission to enter! That’s now nuts he is.

    • Jim Johnson

      But that bully would whine: “but our Constitution, in the 2nd amendment, guarantees our right to bear sticks. There you bleeding heart liberal playground supervisors go again, trying to take our sticks away and restrict our liberties with more stick control.” Shut up bully! Enough of your nonsense! Must be a typo in your version of the Constitution or maybe you haven’t learned spelling and punctuation yet. for now, drop the stick and go have a timeout.

  • Eric_in_Ann_Arbor

    Like the off-duty police officer working security who pulled his gun and fired on the killer? Or the police, when they breached the wall 3 hours later and unloaded hundreds of rounds that may have injured or killed others there? Like them?

    What, “good” bullets only go in one direction and never miss?

    You, sir, are an idiot.

    • pbrower2a

      Worse are those who still believe in Donald Trump.

    • spine

      But a couple of people lying in there blood dead or dying “that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight.”
      Even when we assume against all odds that there would have been a coldblooded gunman who would have killed the shooter without hurting innocent people, we would have had a tragedy and Trumps statement would be hilarious.

    • RobSolf

      Of course good bullets only kill bad guys! Don’t you play video games??? 😉

  • GatorLegal1

    *whew* I was getting worried there when trump basically went almost one whole day without saying something incredibly and shockingly stupid. No worries, he’s back in the saddle again!

    (This is not “news”, but he really talks in an immature and juvenile fashion all the time. How did he get this far in life with such poor speaking ability?)

    • LKM

      A whole 24 hours? You sure about that?

      • GatorLegal1

        I am not sure!

        • evave2

          I laughed when I saw your exclamation point.

    • L2thaL

      Completely agree on how he talks. The best part is he thinks these are the “best words.”

    • jpic

      A majority of business people are good at their business if they are to survive but aren’t REALLY that smart upstairs I have found. Back in college, I watched as they played tennis all afternoon or screwed around at night while I and others in my degree slaved away.

    • Buford2k11

      Rhetorical question? or would the answer be along the lines of “money, money, and more money that he inherited”…Money Talks, Bullshit Walks…

    • cynic

      Inherited money and sociopathy, not caring at all when destroying others lives to make money is often useful in buiness.

    • DrPills

      He got so far in life by carefully choosing his parents.

    • esro

      Mostly Daddy’s money and Roy Cohn’s protection and tutelage, from what I’ve read.

    • lookolook

      He didn’t get this far on his own. Daddy left the id**t a fortune because he already knew of his id**t’s child disability. Those followers still supporting Trump are the real id**ts now!

  • JustWatchMe42

    Eh, lots of people in the south and west continue to believe this. A long tradition of “self-help” justice. but it’s quite literally uncivilized. Hobbes was right that we do better when we give the gov’t the rights to use of force. Otherwise it’s back to the days of old west saloons and murderous cultures of honour.

    • LKM

      Cue BONANZA theme song. (The Cartrights were such good people.)

      • abctefg

        The Cartrights were such white people.

        • pbrower2a

          Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, and Dan Blocker were Jewish, which makes their ‘whiteness’ suspect to racist bigots.

          One of the best TV series ever… and rarely violent.

          • Mountsthelens

            Not to nitpick, but couldn’t find anything on Dan Blocker being an MOT (had never heard that before so it caused me to google). His Wikipedia page says he was “Free Methodist.”

            Fun Fact: Wikipedia page said he was one of the founders of the Ponderosa/Bonanza chain of steakhouses…which kind of makes sense.

          • David Golden

            An article from the Jewish magazine, Tablet:

            Landon and Greene were Jewish; no mention of Blocker as Jewish.

          • Mountsthelens

            Right. Cool article. Checked it out in my “research.” Knew about Greene and Landon, but not about the writer/producer part…

          • Dodgson

            I looked up Lorne Greene when you mentioned he was Jewish. My grandfather was born Jewish too and I have the same last name although his name was originally Greenberg.

          • To top it off, Lorne Greene was Canadian..

      • navamske

        Cue BONANZA theme song. (The Cartrights were such good people.)

        hospice: what Dan Blocker’s urologist told him to put in the specimen jar

        • evave2

          I was surprised to find out that Dan Blocker lived in Switzerland and just came back to the US to film the show.

    • 66kicks

      From what I understand most saloons in the old west made their patrons disarm. The saloon keepers were smart enough to realize the potential of gunfights in their establishments.

      • lookolook

        Trump don’t know that carrying guns into crowded places where alcohol is served would be a stupid and deadly thing to do. He doesn’t know a lot of things!

        • delnurse

          What trump doesn’t know could fill the Albert Hall.

        • ArkonaRus

          Or he could know but not care. He cares about votes and publicity. And if it is indeed true he wants to actually lose the nomination, then the more shocking publicity the better.

      • Jim Johnson

        He really didn’t think that through. Like a lot of things. Probably working on a reality TV series script in his mind mostly now. He probably allowed guns at his casinos. I wonder if he has ever sold guns. Trump Gun™. “Since killing people is a beautiful thing, you need a beautiful thing. I have the most beautiful things. Only the best.” What a creep.

        • 66kicks

          Wait til he discovers that pure gold is too soft for a gun barrel on the Trump Gun™. There goes the glitz and glamour.

  • tiredofit

    Yes, they could have stopped the shooter. And on any other night a drunk who is pissed off someone refused their advances could become the shooter.

    Trump is an idiot.

    • GatorLegal1

      Who would want to go to a nightclub where everyone is packing a gun, anyway? Business would drop like a rock.

      • enfuegobuddha

        Ask a silly question…

        • GatorLegal1

          I like to hear people laugh I guess!

          • Buford2k11

            Me too..

        • evave2

          Do you think somebody sprayed him so that his chest was wet-looking or do you think they just slathered on the grease?

          • enfuegobuddha

            Chuck Norris sweats grease.

            I thought this was common knowledge.

          • evave2


      • Rhysem

        Depends on whether you’re talking a weapon or a euphemism 😛

      • Steve Harold

        That will be his next business..Instead of a coat check, there will be a rental counter “Trump’s Assault Weapons” the minute or the hour”

  • LKM

    Looks like he had a productive mind control session with the NRA. Seriously, they must have something in the water over there, because this was not Trump’s original position, and in general he takes noone’s advice.

    • he is susceptible to macho bullshit

      • AKRebel

        …as long as he just gets to cheer it on and watch.

    • Dodgson

      Well the NRA likes guns and does not like Republicans who won’t rubber-stamp everything they say. I’m sure the negotiation session was a bit different than Trump’s normal ones and we know he is a coward at heart.

      • Chammy

        Well the NRA said they were happy to meet with him but they weren’t budging on his supposed proposal. The NRA and gun and ammo lobby are scum, bags

    • navamske

      in general [Trump] takes noone’s advice

      ♫ Something tells me I’m into something good ♫

  • DKDC

    “and goes boom, boom, you know what? That would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight,…”

    What an utterly bizarre way to describe even such a hypothetical case like this. He sounds like a sociopath.

    • NeedACleverName

      He is, but he’s playing to the fantasies of his base. Each and every one of them thinks they’re some sort of ‘hero’ who just hasn’t had the right opportunity to shoot a bad guy yet.

      And he’s also reinforcing their very fragile sense of masculinity by more or less implying that LGBTQIA men might be killed by a gunman, but that won’t happen to you straight ammosexuals.

      • evave2

        People said the same thing about the Aurora shooter (my husband and I went over that again last night: midnight Batman showing, dark theater, throws in smoke grenades and then walks in shooting. NOBODY in the audience would’ve known where to shoot so there would have been more fatalities. The guy was a crazy person pure and simple and should never have been able to obtain his guns.)

        The people in the club were in a darkened room, probably all drinking. The idea they were in any way responsible for their own safety Under Those Circumstances is actually INSANE.

        • Allegedly Omar Mateen shot 20-24 round in 9 seconds, in a dark to semi dark room.. There was an off duty cop there, working security.

          It is not that simple, and any “Good person with a gun” who kills an innocent victim, whether it was an accident, is facing a very thorough investigation to criminal charges.

          These comments, and Trump is not alone in making these, (if there someone else armed, there would be no tragedy.) goes against reality. The Columbine Shooting in 1999, had an armed guard at the High School who returned fire. These horrible crimes happen so fast. The Sandy Hook shooting was around 10 minutes.

          Donald Trump and others could had said “If only people had cellphones” these shooting won’t happened, and he may have had a stronger argument. Given the Police Response time is in a couple minutes like the Sandy Hook Shooting, (2-3 minutes)

          If any law should be “an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure” it is the banning of selling semi automatic assault rifles to the general public. Plus laws to license and the power to revoke certain disturbed people to own or have access to firearms..

    • exactly. his best words are pretty insane here.

    • Wynstone

      He says openly he would bring back torture and he would execute family members of terrorists. He obviously finds violence thrilling.

    • esro

      “Sounds like”?

    • lookolook

      “He sounds like a sociopath”.

      He is a sociopath and a psychopath.

  • William Lee

    This may be a trend. A Cruz-conservative columnist in Portland, Maine, M D Harmon, is talking up the Pink Pistols, an LGBT group supporting concealed carry for self-defense. As an enthusiast with military experience shooting everything from a .45 to cannons, he’s offered to train anyone buying their first firearm, and for the first 5 to respond, to buy them a box of ammunition. He’s doing this not only to support concealed carry but to demonstrate that anti-LGBT christians just hate the sin, not the sinner.

    The only reason I introduce this small-time ideologue is that he is an alert trend-spotter who sees his role as a conduit from his right-wing sources to the MSM, so something may be cooking.

    • GatorLegal1

      It’s not a trend; it’s ONE type of or ideological response to our Congress’s total failure to prudently and responsibly regulate firearms for public safety.

      • William Lee

        Please amend my post to: “This may be one ideological response. . . . ” I meant that within the world of ideological responses, Harmon is a trend-spotter.

        • GatorLegal1

          Nah. Those folks have been arguing the self-defense angle for years. It’s not a new idea, rather it just sounds like this person is taking advantage of the massacre of LGBT people to push the radical and reckless gun-for-all philosophy.

          • William Lee

            Of course they have, and of course that’s what he’s doing. The right-wing christian love for “those wonderful” LGBT folks is a new angle for me. This guy is a deep-dyed conservative Republican who despises Trump, so an agreement between them seems worth mentioning.

  • Matt Drabek

    People drunk and firing weapons in a poorly-lit club? What could go wrong?

    • hdavis

      Have you never seen the movies? Bullets only hit the bad guy.

      • pbrower2a

        That is about how Donald Trump sees the world. That is how most of his supporters see the world.

        Reality is that ammo is dangerous, and that it doesn’t reliably hit the bad guy, only.

  • huttonme


  • moderatesunite

    So we already have more guns, more available than any other country in the world. This plan doesn’t seem to be working
    There may be some arguments about security for events like this that would make sense, but they would be hard to apply evenly, and the “more guns” plan is already in effect across the country.. again it’s not working very well.

    • GatorLegal1

      I can scarcely imagine a scenario in a civilized society where more guns are the answer to anything except the question, “how can we ensure more loss of life”?

  • drtv11

    Trump belongs in a mental institution.

    • pbrower2a

      I wonder if he is going senile. Belligerence is one potential consequence of senile dementia in many forms.

    • nanotab

      I’d be happy just to have him imprisoned in Trump Tower for the rest of his days.

  • growe

    Gosh it would be stupid and offensive even if it were original. But this is just NRA post human harvest boilerplate…. Lame and pathetic from a no-class outclassed doomed candidate.

  • mdlib

    He has a point but the problem is when a bunch of people have guns and start shooting you end up killing a lot of innocent people along with the bad guy.No doubt the shooter could have been stopped but how many innocent people would have been shot. It makes more sense if a guy like him was not allowed to get a gun.

    • growe

      He has a point but tries to cover it with a tragically ugly combover.
      I did not know Miss Clairol carried “Duracell” but there he is.

    • Rhysem

      I think the bigger point is that on average active shooters are outnumbered 10:1. In the Orlando scenario, significantly more than 10:1. Firearms, especially long-barrel weapons, have very specific zones of effectiveness. The issue isn’t that everyone should be armed, that’s ludicrous. The issue is that if even 2 or 3 of the people at the shooting had attacked the shooter, the shooter would have gone down. Where the NRA and Trump really anger me is that they are creating a culture where you can only be a hero if you have a gun. Hundreds, likely thousands, of active shooter situations have been resolved by active unarmed bystanders simply taking down the shooter. It’s a big part of the reason LEO is moving so heavily against the asinine “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT” doctrine. No, just fight, because running let’s them shoot you in the back and hiding makes you a sitting duck.

  • BoredMe

    I’m so fucking tired of our ability to make real progress on this nightmare issue being hobbled by this motherfucking childish fantasy.

    Hollywood? If you are really serious about your belief in gun control, you’ll moratorium movies like Die Hard.

    • L2thaL

      But these nutbags are cherry picking. Go and watch a movie like Tombstone. They were’t allowed to carry guns in to the bar in a place called the “wild” west. It’s truly jaw dropping.

  • enfuegobuddha

    In one specific incident where you already know there was a shooter, sure having an armed self-defense advocate MAY have stopped this particular murderer. However, allowing all gun owners to carry their guns into such businesses would statistically lead to many more incidents–accidents or otherwise. Furthermore, I would expect that most businesses would be very much against this sort of policy because most people don’t want to be in a crowded establishment surrounded by loaded guns… especially where alcohol is involved.

  • growe

    We have lots of states with easy open carry laws. Like Florida. And close to zero examples of good guy with gun stopping bad guy with gun. Exactly zero examples in dark crowded conditions where the hero would end up killing innocents anyway. (Tragically you know some hostages were shot by police by accident in Orlando).

    It’s not a Bugs Bunny cartoon, bullets bounce around in close quarters. Not that Bone Spur Draft Dodgin’ Donald would know that.

    • William Lee

      Like John Lott’s incessantly repeated, continually debunked claim that guns are used defensively 2.5 million times per year in the United States.

      • growe

        Exactly, and the media sits like a brain damaged chimp, never asking for proof.

  • shagspur

    I think Donald has never actually been shot at. If he had, he wouldn’t have called it a “beautiful sight,” to see the shooter shot. Eventually, the shooter was killed. It was not a beautiful sight. Trump is a badly disturbed creature who seems to think he’s living in a movie. .

    • L2thaL

      Don the con is always inferring things when he speaks so simplistically. It’s one of the things I always try to figure out. For example, his comments on receiving more votes than any other GOP candidate ever is him saying “I’m better than Reagan, Bush’s and definitely that loser, Mitt.”

      This one, with his repeating beautiful line, is him suggesting Bondi’s rainbow colored hands on her website all holding a gun. His way of “outreach”

    • pbrower2a

      I am reminded of Vittorio Mussolini having participated in the war to conquer Ethiopia and seen the carnage of ‘primitive’ people, and reported to his father and his nation that he saw the consequences of air strikes on such people as ‘beautiful’.

      (In truth, Ethiopia may have had the most underrated of ancient civilizations…)

      • It gave us Coffee, the fuel of many current civilizations..

    • Mark_in_VA

      Unfortunately, way too many Americans are living in a movie. That’s the only way you can glorify this insane “fully armed society” narrative.

      It’s a cartoon so, of course, no one dies. But this epitomizes the ridiculous concept:

  • abctefg

    How is that working out in other countries?

  • abctefg

    I live in a country of 120 million.
    Crime does happens here.
    And deaths by guns are in the tens every year. That would also include suicides and accidents.

  • puddy

    Great people shooting wildly in the dark, at other people shooting. Great plan. Dumbass.

  • brainscoop

    You know what I like about Trump? The way he can take the GOP party line on something and restate it in a way that makes it sound exactly as batshit crazy as it really is.

    • he is undoing years of think tank work

    • abctefg


    • marktrail

      Sort of a reductio ad absurdum incarnate

      • Rhysem


  • growe

    Ever notice how Trump is still never asked a real question? Day after day he is given a platform for ludicrous new proposals or to recite tired crap like this (“more guns”).

    If NRA ran HHS we’d all be dead (“more smoking cures cancer! More unprotected sex prevents STDs! Fewer seat belts reduce car accidents!”).

    Anyway, why no hard questions? Last I heard, a few sitting elected GOP and many retired GOP elected and foreign policy officials openly state they will never vote for Trump.

    Instead of free media propaganda blasts, shouldn’t Donald be asked about this, every time he comes out of Trump Tower, the limo, the plane, or out from under the rock where he gets his ideas and tries to hide his scams and criminal history?!

    Call me crazy. I think if Ted Kennedy had announced he was voting for HW Bush, Bill Clinton would have gone deaf with people screaming questions about it. They got one idiot Dem Senator to back W in 2004 and Kerry never heard the end of it.

    I certainly hope Democrats are lining up some GOP speakers for Hillary at the convention.

    • pbrower2a

      He can’t take them! Hard questions are unfair because that would shatter the complacent and complicit ignorance of millions of deluded people.

      The news media want drama. They will take him down in due time.

      • Calbengoshi

        I agree with your comment that the MSM wants drama. However, I have seen little, if any, evidence so far this year to justify your further comment that the MSM “will take him down in due time.” IMO, most of the MSM lacks the ability and/or the desire to “take down” Trump by asking him logical questions, much less “hard” questions.

    • GatorLegal1

      Largely agree, but Democrats don’t need any high profile GOP speakers at their convention to make their case this year.

  • Randy Parker

    Trump, you have an opportunity to prove your case! Demand that everyone at the Republican Convention be armed!

    • politicsjunkie

      Now that would be a beautiful, beautiful sight,folks, that would be a beautiful, beautiful sight.

    • cycledancing

      This was actually a popular request. I forget how many thousands of people signed a petition to allow concealed carry at the Rep Conv. The Secret Service said “NO”.

      • Mark_in_VA

        The SS should have been able to excuse themselves in exchange for the “state militia” to hold down the fort (as it were). I don’t think either side would have argued against that, though certainly the 2nd-Amendment-thumping politicians in attendance would have!

  • doug dash

    Not a lot of fun dancing with an AK47 strapped to your back.

    • growe

      Fun is only for the rich with bodyguards in TrumpWorld.

      And I think I speak for most of us when I say how pleased I am to be personally funding Donald’s security detail now, via the Secret Service.

      • JoyP

        Yes, I know you speak for me.

  • “boom boom”

    what a child

    several of the deaths were friendly fire as it is 🙁

  • JoyP

    This is a good argument for allowing guns in Trump Hotels.

  • Berkshire_Boy

    Hunrdreds of people drinking, dancing in the dark in a confined space and armed to the teeth. What could possibly go wrong?

  • MC Planck

    A good guy with a gun showed up at Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting.

    He almost killed the guy who disarmed the real shooter. At the last minute he thought, “I don’t know who the bad guy is” and didn’t shoot.

    These effing idiots literally live in ante-bellum fantasy. They need guns to put down the slave revolt, and of course they’ll always know who the bad guys are because they’re black. It’s why The Walking Dead is so popular; it’s just Southern slave culture minus the slaves.

    • Chammy

      Very good point. Watching this man every day go off the rails is really interesting. He loves the spotlight and the more the crowds scream and clap the worse it gets. He called the killer a son of a bitch -what presidential candidate acts like this?

      • cycledancing

        No one in my memory and I’ve been watching Presidential politics since Adlai Stevenson ran against Eisenhower. Nothing that Trump does is presidential or even smart. I’ve known about him since I lived in Manhattan in the 1970s. Until recently I though he must have some smarts because he graduated from Wharton, a great business school. But in the past several months I’ve come to the conclusion that the guy isn’t very smart at all. As far as the way he talks, he talks like a construction worker from Brooklyn and that is being unkind to construction workers and certainly Brooklyn. I recently saw “The Taking of Pelham 123”, a great movie staring the fantastic Walter Matthau. Everyone in the movie talks like Trump and even more so. Constant yelling even before the action. As an ex-New Yorker with 40 years of residence in CA, I forget how people act and talk there. HOWEVER, FDR was a New Yorker, so is Hillary Clinton. Trump deliberately talks down. In his mind, that is why he is “winning”. And his supporters agree. They love it. That’s what they love more than anything else about him. He is the anti-polite candidate. What he and his supporters call political correctness is simply rudeness. Rudeness replaces common courtesy in the Trump world. Been watching about the tshirts that are so popular at his events. NPR did a story on it today. Of course the story was mostly asterisks because the words on the tshirts are not printable.

    • Mark_in_VA

      He almost killed the guy who disarmed the real shooter. At the last minute he thought, “I don’t know who the bad guy is” and didn’t shoot.

      Here you’ve summarized exactly why it’s preposterous. Now imagine if *everyone* had a gun. The complexity as N increases is *staggering*.

  • Cedric

    Guns in a nightclub? What could possibly go wrong?

    • Michael

      Just ak the 2008 New York Giants. They started out 11 & 1, and then what happened? for some reason, they decided to play the rest of their games without the player who caught the winning touchdown in super bowl xlii.

      The reason is that plaxico burgess accidentally shot himself in a nightclub, which would not have happened had he not been armed.

  • Michael

    Does this mean that plaxico burgess will be trump’s running mate?

  • gmccpa

    Mateen WAS an armed clubgoer. The armed clubgoer was the problem. Not the solution.

    • KingSolomon1

      The problem was letting anybody into the nightclub with a gun. Having a metal detector would have prevented him from entering although their may have been an altercation outside the club.

  • navamske

    Trump Says Armed Clubgoers Could Have Killed Shooter

    What a maroon.

  • Philip Canfield

    Where’s Wyatt Earp? We are going back to the Wild West!!

    • Rhysem

      Standing in the lobby of 1750 Crystal Drive. Granted he’s kind of stiff and bronze-y in complexion these days 🙂

  • Lee

    In Trumps deranged fantasy world they could have stabbed him and yelled America first,

    • Rhysem

      I would actually be okay with that scenario. If the patrons of the club had jumped the shooter it would have ended the situation quickly. The idea that additional guns make that easier is the part that Trump and the NRA are wrong on. The shooter had a long barrel rifle. It doesn’t take much to take a shooter down who has a rifle in close quarters.

      • GatorLegal1

        I think you are making it sound simple to just jump on a shooter. It’s not that easy to take down a well-armed shooter with assault-style weapons in a dark nightclub no matter who the good guys are, no matter how many there are, or what they’re armed with. Arming everybody clearly isn’t the answer though, so of course trump is wrong, but a simple takedown of a psychotic shooter is not as easy as it sounds.

        • Rhysem

          It’s actually pretty simple and it does actually happen, a lot I might add. There’s several hundred armed incidents in this country every year, between robberies, active shooters, etc. Most end without a shot being fired and are never covered by the press. Especially in single assailant scenario’s, two-three people can tackle and disarm a gunman very quickly and very effectively. My preference would be to tackle an assault-style weapon over a handgun to be blunt. Assault-style weapons are incredibly ineffective at close range and given their caliber a single shot will not incapacitate you 95% of the time. In most cases, the adrenaline of the situation is such that you won’t even know your shot–even if you do get hit; and at close range they should never have the opportunity to fire a second round. It also works with handguns, in some cases better because of slide-reload issues, but given the caliber handguns can be more debilitating.

  • Dave

    Imagine it. You’re on the dance floor with 100 people. Ten people have guns. The bad guy starts shooting.

    The ten ‘good guys’ pull out their guns. Quick! Which one is the bad guy? Who do I shoot? BANG BANG BANG 100 people dead in half the time it took the bad guy to kill 49.

  • vtbikerider

    Heavily armed homosexuals– wouldn’t that be the right wings worst nightmare?

  • mhandrh

    Donald Trump said there would’ve been fewer deaths “if the bullets were going in the other direction, aimed at the guy…” He’s wrong again!
    But at least one person at the club fired at the shooter.
    Adam Gruler, an Orlando police officer working security for Pulse nightclub that night, traded gunshots with the gunman, Omar Mateen, near the club’s entrance.

  • LordDart

    Awww, Donald…as usual, good to see you understand the difference between leadership and demagoguery….

  • Mark_in_VA

    I volunteer Trump to be put into that situation and show us how it’s done.

  • fivecard

    Arming drunken clubgoers in a dark, loud nightclub makes about as much sense as having guns in a first grade classroom. If more guns equals more safety, then why doesn’t Trump let people bring firearms to his rallies? He should walk the walk if he really believes what he’s saying.

  • former_scribe

    Couldn’t sound Presidential to save his ass.

  • GeorgiaDem88

    The real thing that irritates me about this argument is that I shouldn’t be required to have a gun to go out and feel safe in thr world.

  • OtherTim

    “I’ve often thought the same thing of those second-graders in Newtown. If just one of them had been carrying a concealed weapon that day. . . .”

  • bambuhostel

    in civilized countries the cizitens are protected by their laws, and their law enforcement. Strapping guns to young gay clubgoers is retarded.

    • Morrigan In Oregon

      retarded what, specifically? Retarded thinking, retarded development, retarded social norms?

  • ScienceWonk

    Stop it.

  • SeattleDemo

    A. The US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the West.

    B. The US has the highest rate of gun death in the West. By far.

    Ergo, we need more guns to decrease gun death rates. Makes perfect sense.

  • littlejohn

    Facts have never gotten in the way of Trump. Florida law prohibits firearms where alcohol is served.

    • Jason Platt

      Shhhh! Don’t let the NRA find out, or we may not even have that law. 😉

  • SoundTownSal

    Blood, carnage, mayhem, cries and screams. No matter who shot who, it would not have been “beautiful”. This man is a freak.

    • Jason Platt

      I’m with you on your first two sentences. But why are violent video games so popular? The video games may not be real life but they reflect the darker side of humanity. If Donald Trump was the only person who thought blood, carnage, mayhem, cries, and screams was beautiful, I wouldn’t be too concerned–but there are a whole bunch of people in this country who are ammosexual. It’s a sad reflection on our country, I think. It’s not new, it’s been true since the days of John Wayne but it’s gotten out of hand lately.

  • bambuhostel

    trump banned guns from the republican convention. He wants them in the club but not around him at the convention. The politicians dont say what they realy think. They have to toe the party line, cant upset the NRA.

  • Inkan1969

    The college division where I teach recently had active shooter training. The police officer giving the training strongly implied that the police DON’T want other people shooting back at the shooter: when the police come, how are they supposed to tell which one is the “bad guy”? And the officer said that if they do find the shooter with bullet holes, they’ll “want to talk” to the people who shot those bullets.

  • drzaius

    A heard of wildebeest could also have killed the shooter. Perhaps all clubs should have herds of wild herbivores.

    • Morrigan In Oregon

      thanks, I needed the chuckle.

  • KingSolomon1

    Maybe Trump remembered just a little from a briefing on Government Bureaus and thought, “Hmm, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, see, they are supposed to go together.”

  • Jim Johnson

    What a creep! A bullet between the eyes cannot be seen as “a beautiful thing” in a normal human mind. Of course he is not qualified to be President. And, it looks like he is just not a mentally healthy, decent human being. This is the mind of a psychotic sociopath. To some degree this is programming and mind control by the NRA, but there is a rotten core at the heart of this creep. Perhaps gun ownership should be denied to those who believe that a bullet between the eyes is a beautiful thing — mental illness and all.

  • peterjohn936

    I have read where an unarmed person has stopped a massacre. But I don’t ever remember reading where an armed person has done the same.

  • Steve Harold

    “Born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple”..He is an obnoxious gas bag totally full of bullshit..Please America, send this conman on his way..Quickly..

  • hipsteriac

    I think Donald should prove his point, and ensure the safety of everyone at the GOP convention, by requiring everybody who enters the building be armed with a killing machine.

  • Chris Leatherman

    First, my dad was a North Carolina farm boy and an Army veteran who had forgotten more by the time he passed than I will ever know, especially on guns and shooting. One of the first things I learned from him regarding firearms, “Guns and booze don’t mix. Period.”

    Second, as a career military man and law enforcement officer myself, had there been a room full of people with guns that night, the casualty rate would have been much higher. Shooting a paper target is one thing, shooting when the target is shooting back is another.

    Third, this “Good guy with a gun is the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun” is pure fiction. Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Kyle and the other gentleman killed with him at a gun range.

    • sweet freedom

      I’m a gun owner who likes to target shoot. This meme is one of the most asinine contentions held by some gun huggers. As you stated, shooting at a target in a well lit gun lane has no relation to a live situation, especially one of dim or flashing lights, panicked people and gun smoke. Trained law enforcement only hit their target about 25% of the time in a live situation. Having a bevy of wannabe Charles Bronson’s, all whipping put their guns and firing in situations like this would have probably doubled the casualty rate.