Cuban Says Trump Is Getting ‘Stupider’

Mark Cuban personally attacked Donald Trump, telling Extra that Trump has been running for president for a year “but you don’t look at him and say, ‘Wow, he’s gotten so much smarter on this topic or that topic.’ In fact, you look at him and say, ‘What the hell are you talking about?'”

He added: “It’s rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes, but he’s really working at it… You have to give him credit. It’s a difficult thing to do but he’s accomplished it.”

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  • granna129

    Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

    • jpic

      Maybe he is getting what Ronnie got in his 2nd term, or was it really his first term?

  • docb
  • David Golden

    Every day, more and more negative stories. Trump’s numbers will be in the toilet before too long. Keep it up, keep digging, and never let the Rs distance themselves from their nominee.

    • RobSolf

      Yep! And let us never forget: The morons who voted for him are STILL OUT THERE.

      • Blen Butterson

        Oh, their precious savior.. In the flesh! That flowing, sweaty golden mane.. So, so bigly!

        Reminds me of those pictures of indoctrinated North Korean kids when they see Dear Leader.

        • abctefg

          Look at all the people with big brains.

          • AltonBParker

            And I dearly love the shirt stating “Obama, you’re fired.” We all know he’ll suspend term limits and overturn the Constitution any second now…thank goodness Trump stopped him! Thank you, Dear Donald!!!

          • abctefg


    • MVH1

      It won’t make a whit of difference to his rabid base.

  • mjjn

    Mark is not afraid to say what others think. The best thing is that Drumpf will not get into it with him because Mark is correct.

    Mark also says that Drumpf has no liquid assets. Mark questions why he can’t just write himself a $200 million campaign loan.

    • Mark_in_VA

      The best thing is that Drumpf will not get into it with him because Mark is correct.

      And Mark Cuban can bury him on a whim if he feels like it. Drumpf’s stupid, but he’s no fool, if you know what I mean.

      • Blen Butterson

        It is rather strange coming from Donnie The Teflon Con, master of the insult, that he has nothing at all to say about Cuban. He knows not to question his betters.

        • Snakegirl Lyn

          Though Trump frequently fails to recognize them.

        • MVH1

          He’s probably scared that Cuban might have a way to actually force him to prove something he says, and he can’t do it on any level with his assets and worth.

    • ArkonaRus

      Because he doesn’t have that much to spare unless he wants to spend half of the cash he can quickly get his hands on. Just my bet, anyway. And perhaps even more than half.

      • Rhysem

        From what little we know of his taxes, I’d be surprised if he has more than $15-20 million in accessible liquidity and that spread out over dozens of LLCs. His accountants are brilliant, but the downside of that low-cash high-leverage style of personal accounting is that it leaves you really low on cash.

        • Calbengoshi

          According to a review done by the NYT of Trump’s financial disclosure form, he had a minimum of $61 million in stock and other liquid assets when the form was filed. Because of the way the form is designed, it is impossible to determine his actual net worth or the correct amount of his liquid assets.

        • ArkonaRus

          Damn, I never even thought it’d be THAT low but you could very well be right. That’s literally less than 1% of what he says he can get his hands on. As he’s always said he can “spend billions” if necessary. What a complete fraudster that guy is. I can see how people bought into it before this election, given his personal and business properties. But, the fraud is so out in the open now. I don’t know how anyone could buy that he’s even 10% as rich as he says he is. Both in accessible liquidity and overall worth. I hope he enjoys his mansions and hotels. But everyone will soon know he’s a con.

          • Rhysem

            I don’t doubt that his overall “wealth” runs into the billions. His potential annual earnings is probably in the $100 million plus range even. The problem is he’s so heavily leveraged in real property and his accountants have so diversified his liquidity that his actual cash on hand or real wealth is fairly low.

    • malevolentmuse

      “Mark is not afraid to say what others think.”

      Keep in mind that’s the same thing Trump’s supporters say about him. Cuban is still a search of a bag.

  • AltonBParker

    I mostly agree, but Romney did a similar trajectory in his closing weeks in ’12. Jon Stewart characterized it as the last few chapters of “Flowers for Algernon”…specific policy statements gave way to broad platitudes.

    • chisholm

      lol did he really? God bless JS

    • Dodgson

      I think the stress of the campaign and the constant requirement that you are always ON is really wearing on people. I guess there is a reason for our long campaign cycle. Clinton and Obama held up under it which should be viewed as a good sign.

  • Becklev

    LOL, three cheers for Mark Cuban! He nailed it!

  • villain612

    I really like Cuban as a troll. He can call Donald out on his idiocy and his bullshit about $10 billion and there isn’t anything Trump can do about it because Cuban is actually a billionaire and can prove it.

    • Blen Butterson

      And he didn’t get a million bucks from his daddy to start his business either.

      • OtherTim

        More like $150 million.

  • Nicholas

    The beginning was the end
    Of everything now
    The ape regards his tail
    He’s stuck on it
    Repeats until he fails
    Half a goon and half a god
    A man’s not made of steel

    • marktrail

      God bless Mark Mothersbaugh.

  • Zog Hackendorft

    Yo, Donny Smalls

    • ArkonaRus

      Complete ownage..

  • Chris Leatherman

    I was never that much of a Mark Cuban fan, but he is starting to grow on me. 🙂

    • mhandrh

      I don’t always agree with Cuban,and sometimes he can be overbearing, but I do have a greater respect for him — he’s a self-made man, not a born-with-a-silver-spoon rich kid.
      So maybe he has the right to be a little dominating.

      • Chammy

        He is however, a self-made man started off selling magazines door to door. Pretty compelling story

      • Chris Leatherman

        He definitely seems to walk the walk. I have to respect that even if I don’t always agree with him. Regarding Mr. Trump he is dead on the mark.

  • eve

    Thank you, Mark!!!

  • hdavis

    Stupid like a fox!

  • Blen Butterson

    “He’d get kicked out of ‘Shark Tank’ so fast, it would make your head spin.”

    The full article is worth the read. Cubes almost sound gleeful over this. He is spot on though. He may have gotten a little lucky selling his business to Yahoo, but he worked hard to build it and didn’t get no million dollars and properties to manage from Daddy.

    • Sardu

      Isn’t Cuban one of those rare cases of a truly self made rich person? His appearances on real Time have always been good and the guy strongly endorses more taxes on the rich.

      • Blen Butterson

        Yep.. he talks about eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches in college and sleeping on friends floors when he was broke. Trump was born rich.

  • TheFreakinGorn

    Is it really physically and mentally possible for Trump to become more stupid? isn’t it kind of like going faster than the speed of light …not theoretically possible.

    • Karl Hudnut

      Well, as a person with a PhD in physics, I can tell you, you could go faster than the speed of light if you could go backwards in time. Which is really what a lot of Trump’s policies imply. 🙂

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Bonus points for you my friend! 2.99X10^8 bonus points, hehe.

    • DogbiteWilliams

      No, it’s just that each succeeding statement just reinforces the preceding inanity.

      Plus not every person hears every absurd statement. More statements = more public contempt.

  • …And then Trump responded with “I know you are but what am I?”

  • Pirini Scleroso

    I agree with Cuban. What we are seeing in Trump is “devolution” or evolution in reverse. By the time this campaign is over, Trump may no longer have opposable thumbs (of course, the tiny little hands could be a precursor to this).

    • broccolid

      Nah, they’re just getting smaller.

      • Pirini Scleroso


  • oldhandatthis

    Gee, I don’t think Mark Cuban likes Trump very much.

    • evave2

      He started out saying the Trump was showing an ability to think outside the box and that was good.

      That changed to his current stance: he doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t bother to learn anything about anything he should know something about.

      • oldhandatthis

        I think Mark Cuban recognized Trump for a bullshitter plain and simple. It doesn’t matter whether he is talking about his money or his politics you can’t believe him and it is a waste of time to try.

        • Snakegirl Lyn

          And the listener frequently ends up poorer for having listened, whether it’s money, time, or brain cells.

    • MVH1

      In July of 2015, Cuban thought Trump was the best thing to ever happen to politics because he said what was on his mind. Then we all found out how bad his mind was and what idiotic things it would allow him to say. As it turns out, it’s Mark Cuban who gets smarter and says what’s on his mind very well.

  • fgtayl01

    Nobody can be more stupider than I am. Believe me.

    • faithless delegate

      You misunderestimate your rivals.

  • mhandrh

    Trump is losing and he is angry so he’s acting more stupid, more rash, more obnoxious.

  • JoyP

    Mark Cuban is getting to be one of my new favorite people.

    • hipsteriac

      I agree. His is a fresh voice, and I think it cuts through the usual chattering class / surrogate clutter.

      • GatorLegal1

        That’s what they said about Trump six months ago 😛

  • Independent Democrat

    I am not sure I agree. I don’t think he is getting stupider, I think he is already as stupid as anyone can possibly get!

  • ScienceWonk

    And yet, his supporters like him more because of his recent controversies. They say his recent controversies prove he’s tough, confident and a good businessman. I’m losing faith in the American voter:

    • LKM

      Yeah, well you are more optimistic than I. I lost all faith in our electorate when the went gaga over Palin.

      • GatorLegal1

        That ticket lost handily. Have faith, so will Don the Con. 🙂

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Yeah, there’s a special sort of willful ignorance going on, especially with regards to Trump’s being a goo businessman.

      (I think I said this before, but I’ll note it again: I find it endlessly fascinating and disgusting that the same people who would be calling for the pitchfork treatment of anyone else who had the business record that Trump has are lauding him for it. A major, major reason they are supposedly pissed is that they have been getting screwed over economically. So they are enthusiastic about a guy who has demonstrated to routinely (and happily) screwed over the little guy who contracts or works with him? It is literally the Twilight Zone with these guys/gals. They are unhinged that they are getting the shaft, so they elevate and endorse a silver spoon shafter and grifter who has a track record of telling those he owes money to “tough shit, sue me” and leaving them holding the bag. Rod Serling himself couldn’t have written this any crazier or more ironic if he’d sat down and concentrated on it.

  • Mike


  • puddy

    At this a Trump has become a caricature of himself. When you become a joke for late night comedians, negative press, and look incompetent you are toast. Right now Trump has hit the wall. This is the same as when McCain suggested that the campaigns suspend during the financial crisis, or Romney’s 47% fiasco.

  • politicsjunkie

    He’s Cuban Trump will just deport him.

    • Chammy


  • growe

    If they are playing “Whose Is Bigger” my money is on Cuban there, too.

  • growe

    And you notice: Trump is being attacked by a full grown man and actual billionaire.

    Suddenly he’s mute. No tweets, no bluster.

    Unlike wimps like Cruz or Rubio, Donald has no idea how to shout him down. And Trump worships money and knows Cuban has him beat there, Mark is actually a “successful” businessman, not a whiny inheritance brat.

  • Red Phillips

    C’mon, Donnie-O… yield to temptation and just call him a loser!