Conservatives Slam House Obamacare Replacement

“A handful of House conservatives on Monday evening criticized GOP leaderships’ newly released Obamacare replacement bill, foreshadowing trouble for the repeal effort even after leaders tried to assuage the far-right,” Politico reports.

Said former Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH): “This is Obamacare by a different form. They’re still keeping the taxes in place and Medicaid expansion, and they’re starting a new entitlement.”

Playbook: “Does the this-is-Obamacare-lite narrative stick? Or could supporters beat back on the Freedom Caucus and Paul? That’s what to watch over the next few days. Hugh Hewitt, the popular conservative morning radio show host, said he was not offered anyone to talk about the bill on his show.”

Washington Post: House leaders brace for the task ahead: selling ‘Obamacare lite.’

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