How Republicans View Work Ethic, Intelligence of Blacks

Washington Post: “The biggest yawning gap between Democrats and Republicans is on the issue of motivation and will power. The survey asks whether African Americans are worse off economically ‘because most just don’t have the motivation or will power to pull themselves up out of poverty?'”

“A majority — 55 percent — of white Republicans agreed with this statement, compared to 26 percent of white Democrats. That’s the biggest gap since the question was first asked in 1977 — though the gap was similar (60-32) in 2010.”

“The survey also asks people to rate the races on how hard-working or lazy they are, which allows us to compare whether people rate some higher than others. In this case, 42 percent of white Republicans rated African Americans as being lazier than whites, versus 24 percent of white Democrats. That 18-point gap is the second-biggest on-record, behind 2010 (19 points).”

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