Trump Discovers ‘Chaos and Loyalty’ Doesn’t Work

Mike Allen: “President Trump brought his chaos-and-loyalty theory of management into the White House, relying on competing factions, balanced by trusted family members, with himself perched atop as the gut-instinct decider. He now realizes this approach has flopped, and feels baffled and paralyzed by how to fix it, numerous friends and advisers tell us.”

Said one: “Trump is thinking through his frustrations. The team didn’t put the windows in right.”

“The chaos dimension has created far more chaos than anticipated. Come nightfall, Trump is often on the phone with billionaire, decades-long friends, commiserating and critiquing his own staff. His most important advisers are often working the phone themselves, trashing colleagues and either spreading or beating down rumors of turmoil and imminent changes.”

“This has created a toxic culture of intense suspicion and insecurity. The drama is worse than what you read.”

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