GOP Nervous About Future of Health Care Bill

A top Republican emails Mike Allen: “I think the reality of the Senate process is setting in.”

“The legislation is likely to take a month or two to wend through the Senate. And Republicans are queasy about getting the likely result back through the House, then to President Trump’s desk.”

Playbook: “We’ve been talking to top House Republicans about the politics of this plan. Put plainly, there is a lot of concern. The politics around the AHCA are very tricky for the GOP. Many very senior Republicans were extremely unhappy with the celebration in the Rose Garden. The optics, they say, were horrendous. Of course, Republicans say they’ll be able to sell this plan to their constituents. They have promised their base that they would repeal Obamacare, and this makes good on that promise, they say. Midterms are base elections, and this could energize core GOP voters.”

For members: How Republicans Can Make Their Health Care Bill a Law

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