Trump ‘Furious’ with Cohn After Public Rebuke

President Trump was “furious” about Gary Cohn’s criticism of him in a Financial Times interview, a White House official tells the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Cohn’s critics celebrated the interview, hoping that it would undercut his stature with the president. Said one Trump ally outside the White House, who has been strategizing to undermine Cohn: “Cohn looks like he blew himself up, so we’re not going to have to blow him up.”

Meanwhile, Cohn was overheard complaining loudly about Trump while dining with friends at a Long Island restaurant.

“Cohn explained to his companions — in a loud voice overheard by others — that he had to be careful not to give Trump too much lead time about some new ideas because the president could disclose the information prematurely and upend the planning process, according to a person familiar with the dinner.”

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