Merkel’s Win Marred By Surge in Far-Right Vote

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s election to a fourth term was tarnished by a surge in vote for the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Germany’s election result confirms the overriding trend of European politics in the past year: the crumbling of the Continent’s established parties in the face of voter anxiety over economics and identity.”

“The fragmented vote mirrors this year’s elections in other Continental European countries including France and the Netherlands. Established parties have suffered steep losses, especially on the center left, and voters have turned to upstarts on the nationalist right, the anticapitalist left or the liberal center.”

CNN: “The AfD won 13% of the vote and came a stunning third place behind the main center-right and center-left parties. It becomes the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag since 1961.”

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