‘Rubbernecking the News’

This email made my day:

Since Trump was elected to office by a minority of voters, I’ve struggled, like so many others, with how much to expose myself to the daily revelations of his insanity. In some ways, keeping up with the news feels like rubbernecking — gotta slow down and see if anyone’s bleeding or mangled. It’s a gory sideshow. So, as I recently told a news junkie friend who was lamenting about how she’s not getting anything done because she spends so much time reading multiple newspapers and websites, “Stop rubbernecking the news! If there is anything worth knowing, you’ll find it on Political Wire.”

She wrote me today to say she subscribed — that it’s the best money she’s spent this year — and that she was blown away by your “None of This Is Normal” piece. We all were. Thank you for the sane perspective you offer in these deeply troubled times.

I’m truly thankful for all of the amazing readers who make Political Wire possible.

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