Record Number of Women Running for Congress

Wall Street Journal: “A record number of women are lining up to run in the 2018 elections and, unlike some predecessors who say being a female candidate is a potential liability, they are touting their gender.”

“The number of women in political office has grown steadily over the last quarter century, but still they still make up only 22% of the Senate and 19% of the House. That could soon grow. The Center for American Women and Politics is projecting as of the end of March that more than 400 women will file to run for the House in 2018, up from 272 in 2016; the number of women filing for the Senate is projected to rise to over 50, from 40 in 2016.”

“Still, most of these women candidates are challengers, facing the enduring power of incumbents and their typical campaign cash advantages.”

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