When Trump Attacks Democrats Mostly Stay Quiet

Politico: “After laying into Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in late April, Trump is reveling in a new round of attacks on the 10 senators up for reelection in states that the president won in 2016. Always more of an attack dog toward his enemies than a defender of his allies, Trump is laying into ‘Sleepin’’ Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, calling Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania a ‘disaster’ and blaming Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio for ‘catch and release’ immigration policies.”

“And Democrats are responding with a shrug, total silence or, in West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s case, effusive praise for the commander in chief. Vulnerable Senate Democrats have made a conscious decision not to engage Trump on his terms, after watching the president tear apart the GOP primary field in 2016 with personal insults, derisive nicknames and political broadsides.”

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