Democratic Women Keep Winning

Molly Ball: “On June 5, the biggest primary day of the year, 42 of the 48 candidates endorsed by Emily’s List, which supports pro-choice Democratic women, prevailed in races up and down the ballot in eight states, from governor to state legislature… The trend shows no signs of abating… The result is that women, many of them new to politics, will be the face of the Democratic Party in the first national election of the Trump era.”

“Why are all these women winning in spite of such obstacles? One reason is other women are campaigning, organizing and voting for them… Democratic strategists hope this crop of fresh-faced women will give the party an advantage in November, primarily by providing a contrast to President Trump. Female candidates, they say, will appeal to voters looking for change and be natural messengers for issues, such as health care and education, on which polls show women candidates tend to be more trusted.”

For members: Democrats Make Their Bet on Women

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