GOP Hopefuls Court the Base

The Wall Street Journal reports “it wasn’t clear if any potential candidate was building particular momentum” at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.

“More obvious were signs of what the crowd, which tends to skew younger than the overall GOP electorate, doesn’t want: A centrist nominee, or someone who backs Common Core national education standards or liberalized immigration laws. For some, that disqualified Jeb Bush, a likely candidate who is widely viewed as one of the front-runners.”

Bush Hopes to Change Minds at CPAC

Jeb Bush will return to the Conservative Political Action Conference this week “as one of his party’s leading presidential candidates — but one who still needs to find the right way to connect with the conservatives activists who have not joined establishment donors in an early rush to back him,” the Washington Post reports.

“At CPAC, conservatives will be looking for Bush to ease their concerns about his stances on education, immigration and taxes. They will want to be reassured that he won’t be like his father or brother, whose presidencies disappointed them. And they are eager to see whether he is comfortable being a champion of their cause.”

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