George Miller

Ex-Lawmaker Blasts Clinton for Being Too Insular

Former Rep. George Miller (D-CA) chastised the strategy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which he called an “insular group of people who were smoking one another’s exhaust,” the East Bay Times reports.

Said Miller: “We didn’t go to Wisconsin at the end of the campaign because they’re always with us? Michigan, where you saved the automobile industry and tens of thousands of jobs and you never went to tell them about it?”

He added: “You never get to that point in my mind in politics. You have to renew those contacts and relationships and that trust all the time.”

Real-Life ‘Alpha House’ Being Sold

National Journal: “Rep. George Miller’s Capitol Hill row house, the inspiration for the Amazon series Alpha House, has been the Washington dwelling of many Democratic lawmakers over the past three decades. Its current tenants, Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, have lived with Miller for more than a combined 50 years (Schumer moved in back in 1982; Durbin a decade later).”

“But that arrangement is coming to an end. Asked if the gang was sticking together with Miller’s impending retirement, Durbin replied with an emphatic ‘nope.’ Asked to clarify, he said the house was being sold. He did not answer if he and Schumer would be house-hunting together or striking out on their own.”